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SpyTech Real-Time Spy Review

7:19 AM
spytech real-time spy
Real-Time Spy computer monitoring software makes you invisible. What would you give to be able to observe your employees’ online activity with the stealth of a fly? Does it seem too good to be true? Entrepreneurs who try it enjoy full knowledge of workers’ internet exploits. Real-Time provides the best keylogger on the market. The remote keylogger goes unnoticed by users. Only you have access. The remote spy software installs from any location; there is no need for manual installation.

Parents use the spy keylogger to monitor the activities of their children. They are able to see who they chat with and read logs of the conversations. Kids do not always recognize danger as do parents. Suspicious husbands and wives use it to discover what their better half finds so entertaining for hours at a time.

Remote installation is simple; just send an email to the computer you want to monitor. The ingenious computer monitoring software runs in stealth mode. Remote users do not see it operating within the system. You only need an internet connection to monitor the activity log.

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The program is equipped with a spy keylogger. You have access to all keystrokes typed. The log formats it for easy reading. It is the best keylogger available.

The log also tracks windows opened, websites accessed, print jobs executed, and more. With this software you are aware of all activity. You can remotely log-off the remote computer. You have the ability to remotely reboot, shutdown, and freeze it. 

It would be difficult to find a negative Real-Time Spy review. The remote spy system is so easy to use. I have enjoyed knowing how my children spend their time online. I know when a friendship is dangerous; they may not see the warning signs as easily as I do. I read a Real-Time Spy review that described a dangerous situation. Luckily, the concerned mom read the invitation for an in-person meeting in time to keep her child safe. The world we live in is technologically advanced. Parents must stay one step ahead of the dangers. Real-Time Spy’s remote keylogger makes it easier.

You deserve to know how your employees spend company resources during work hours. The software solves this problem for you. Your marriage is easier to save if you know about the problem before it becomes unmanageable. You and your kids deserve to live safely. Try Real-Time Spy software today.

Perfect Keylogger Review

11:42 PM

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the new computer spyware that can be installed on your computer. With this keylogger, you can now find out what your child is doing whenever he is using the computer and searching the net. Whatever the issue is for which you are seeking answers for in terms of computer usage, the Perfect Keylogger is your best ally.

Who Could Buy this Product?

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is ideal to be used by parents who are curious and worried about what their kids are doing on the computer and the internet. This is also the best way for you to know whether your spouse is chatting with someone else. This spy keylogger is the best spyware that you can install on your company’s computer in order to supervise your employees that you are in doubt with or having some truth issues with.

What Is Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the best keylogger that you can use to know all the activities your kid is doing, whom your spouse is chatting with, or whether your employee really deserves your trust and to be with your company. This remote keylogger is the best way to deal and have answers with your curiosity.

The Perfect Keylogger is a new generation keylogger which is virtually undetectable. It is a popular award-winning tool, translated into 20+ languages. It was created as an alternative to very expensive commercial keylogger products. It has a similar functionality, but is significantly easier to use. Complex internal mechanisms are hidden from the user behind the friendly interface. You can install Keylogger and use it immediately without messing with settings.

Product Features

  • Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger has the ability to provide visual screen shots.
  • Ability to create a pre-configured package for instant and stealth installation on the target computer.
  • It is capable of recording all emails, applications and messages that have been opened.
  • Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is also capable of capturing passwords concealed by asterisks.
  • Chat conversations are saved from both parties.
  • It also features keyword detection and notify the users.
  • Monitors activities once the user goes online.
  • Smart Rename feature lets you to rename all keylogger's executable files and registry entries using one keyword
  • Absolutely invisible in Windows 7/Vista/XP Task Manager
  • Available in three editions: full version, full version remote edition and basic edition. (You can view the comparative chart of the different editions HERE)
Uses and Benefits 

Monitor Kid's Online Activities
Perfect Keylogger is a great tool to remotely monitor and track what your kids are doing online. By using this software, you can also control what they can see on the web while surfing. Protect your kids also with online predators! They are out there and your kids are vulnerable to them. 

Monitor Employee's Computer Activities
Perfect Keylogger is also a greatly help for employers to make sure that they employees are using their computers for business purposes. By installing the keylogger software and informing them that they computer activities are being monitor, they will think twice before visiting inappropriate and indecent websites or copying confidential company information. A recent conducted research showed that employee productivity has significantly when computer monitoring software was installed on the employee's computers and laptops. 

Monitor Partner's Online Activities
Online relationship has become more and more prevalent because of the advancement of technology especially the internet. Remember that online relationships can often develop into more than just a few flirty emails here and there. So if you suspect that your partner might be committing online affair, the Perfect Keylogger will be the best way to confirm if your suspicions are true.

Customer Review and Scores

Other than the purpose of Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger, one of the reasons that made it the best remote keylogger is its easy usage and user friendly aspect. This can be fully installed and operated within a few minutes, and from then on, it can already start recording the activities being made by your kid, spouse or employee on your remote computer.

Based on the information that was given above and the customer reviews that were made about Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger, it is not surprising anymore that after experiencing the ability of this spyware, customers has stated that they are truly happy and satisfied with it.


Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the most affordable and convenient keylogger to spy on your kid, spouse and employee’s computer activities. Its full-packed features like its commercial software counterpart assures you of its effectiveness. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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Brickhouse Security 2MB USB Keylogger Review

5:43 PM
The 2MB USB Keylogger is the best seller and top rated computer monitoring keylogger of Brickhouse Security. It's 2MB internal memory records up to six months of keystrokes. You can secretly log emails, chats, internet searches, passwords typed, and more with this fast and user-friendly keylogger.  It is ideal in monitoring your children, employees, spouse and any unauthorized access and activity to your computers. 
  • Six Months of Key Logging
  • Time and Date Stamped Files
  • Windows and Linux Compatible
The Keystroke Logger USB will not interfere with any program running on the target computer and cannot be detected by any software. It is designed to blend in with the rest of the computer's hardware and cables and is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. 
The USB Keystroke logger has an advantage over software keystroke loggers as it begins recording keystrokes the moment the computer is turned on, giving it the ability to intercept passwords. The keystroke logger interprets the information that flows between your keyboard and computer, processes it, and stores it to USB flash memory, which won't be lost in a power outage. The USB logger's 2MB on-board memory can be accessed via a password-protected menu system that will pull up recorded keystrokes, so you can carefully review your target's activities. 

Features of 2MB USB Keylogger

  • Plug and Play installation- start recording in a flash 2Mb memory allows up to six months keystroke-recording under normal use 
  • Time and date stamping for legal use 
  • Device can be unplugged for keystroke retrieval on another computer 
  • Compact and discreet device does not use any system resources 
  • Windows and Linux compatible 


  • Know what your child is doing on the Internet 
  • Observe chat or E-mail messages sent by target user 
  • Protect your child or teen from dangerous e-Predators 
  • Detect unauthorized activity- is someone accessing your personal files? 
  • Monitor Internet, E-mail and chat room use by your child, spouse or employee 
  • Know what your employees are doing during business hours; are they working hard or hardly working? 


2 THE MAX: KBMA01-083
ACROX: LK-8000
ApaxQ: AP-KB203
BOX2s: KG-28M
DELL: SK-8125
E-3LUE: EKM019R00
HP: KU-0316
IBM: SK-8825
iPrC: 805
i-rocks: KB-6220G
LOGIC: KB-1003
TRUST: KB-1400

Includes: 2Mb Keyslogger USB Dimensions: 1.4" (37mm) x 0.5" (14mm) x 0.75" (19mm)

ONLY $69.95
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Net Spy Pro Review

7:14 AM
net spy pro

Net Spy Pro is a remote control PC network traffic monitoring software that allows monitoring and controlling of all recent activities of users available on the network in real time from any workstation. Another cutting-edge innovation from Retina-X Studios, Net Spy Pro software is the most updated and innovative approach for business owners, teachers and parents to monitor not only internet usage of their employees, students and children but all activities done on any computer.

If you are not sure that your employees are contributing in the company productivity and the growth of the business, then you should definitely opt for the Net Spy Pro.

This review aims to define the benefits of using a network traffic monitor, who should use this product, what are the features of the Net Spy Pro that will definitely help you ensure employee productivity and lessen the risk of intellectual property theft. It will also provide information on what the existing users are saying about it and our conclusion and recommendations.

Who Should Use Net Spy Pro

Employers - See if your employees are wasting time or leaking confidential company data behind your back. Identify poorly performing workers and correct their bad behavior after knowing the TRUTH through Net Spy Pro!

Principal/Teachers  - Implement discipline among students with their Internet usage in classrooms with Net Spy Pro. Easily view all screenshots of their system screens to gain solid evidence of their activity.

Parents - Gain control over their PC or Mac usage at home. With them spending so much time on computers, NSP can turn into a software babysitter for them. Watch their screen LIVE, Block web sites or applications and even Lock the system or Hide Icons from the desktop.

Benefits of Using Net Spy Pro

Remote control PC Live Monitoring through the software is possible, but it does not support Windows XP anymore.

View Remote desktop: With the use of the software the administrator can view the actual screenshot of the workstation. Remote server monitor is possible with the help of software. It is only used for live surveillance that enables to see the working and playing of the employee.

View the browser favorites: Net Spy Pro offers the administrator with the list of the favorites on the user’s Internet Explorer Browser. The full list can be viewed that includes the categories that the users have created.

Logged Monitoring: With the installation of the Net Spy Pro on the network you can immediately record every activity that is available on the client’s PCs. Emails, chat conversation and websites are also recorded which allows the complete view of the activity by the administrator.

Website visited: Net Spy Pro allows viewing the list of websites that is visited in Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers. The title of the page, time spend will all be displayed to the administrators. 

Product Features

Internet activity monitor is possible through the use of software. If the manager wants to monitor the employee and find out whether he is wasting time or not can definitely make use of the Net Spy Pro software.
net spy pro dashboard

Easy to Use: You can easily understand and use the software. It comes with the small control panel that helps to change the program options and allows taking over the control of the PC. A simple web browser interface is also used to check the activity of the website.

IP and Network NSP Scanner - Net Spy Pro enables to scan Active NSP computers. It comes with updated IP Scanner, Address Book for storing IPs and Network Scanner. With the remote activity network software you can easily check the data stored on the remote PC. 

netowrk monitoring

Real Time ScreensReal Time ScreensReal Time Screens
Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly!

You can even watch keystrokes and events as they happen! This is used for live surveillance to see if your network users are working or playing.

View LIVE Keystrokes

Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view keystrokes as they are typed for any user!

The LIVE Events Viewer allows you to see every action recorded by NSP on one screen as they happen!

Remote ScreenRemote ScreenRemote Screen

Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual real time screenshot of a workstation instantly!

This is used for live surveillance to see if they are working or playing.

Active ProcessesActive ProcessesActive Processes

Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a full list of processes and services running on the remote machine.

A full list is shown along with the ability to kill any process. Real time general system information can also be viewed.

Browser Favorites

Browser FavoritesBrowser Favorites

Net Spy Pro can show the administrator a list of the favorites on a user's Internet Explorer Browser.

This shows the full list and includes any categories that the user may have created.

View Temp History
View Temp HistoryView Temp History

Net Spy Pro will show you a list of all files in the temporary history (cache) of the Internet Explorer browser.

This allows the administrator to check up on employee's activity from before they purchased NSP.

View Open Ports
View Open PortsView Open Ports

Net Spy Pro allows an administrator to view all open ports on a workstation.

This is useful for making sure that there are no outbound Internet connections other than authorized connections.

Recent Documents
Recent DocumentsRecent Documents

Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a list of recent documents opened by a user.

This and other functions can be performed instantly at any time. Shows all types of files such as Excel, Word, Notepad, etc. 

net spy pro admin tools

System Lockdown

Immediately lock a particular workstation on command. Prevent further activity being performed or secure workstations from unauthorized use.

Need to lock a client computer remotely? You can lock a system from being used on command. You can also unlock a specific client computer at any time. Prevent authorized usage of your workstations.

Freeze Mouse
Freeze MouseFreeze Mouse

Net Spy pro allows an administrator to freeze and unfreeze a user’s mouse remotely on the command!

You can freeze the mouse of the monitored computer system remotely if you find user accessing inappropriate content on the system. This amazing feature works as a warning sign too.

Restart PC
Restart PCRestart PC

Net Spy pro permits the administrator to restart the monitored computer system anytime on the command.

You can restart any computer system on the network through Net Spy pro’s user interface. This astonishing feature helps in resolving any issues related with the system remotely.

Launch Web Site
Launch Web SiteLaunch Web Site

Net Spy Pro can launch any website on a remote computer system via its user interface.

You as an admin can launch any website on the remote computer remotely. This amazing feature is perfect for school/college labs where you need to address a group of users.

Launch Application
Launch ApplicationLaunch Application

Net Spy pro allows administrator to launch any application and navigate through the remote file structure.

You can launch any application on the remote computer system via its user interface. Additionally, you can navigate the application through the remote file structure to get expected results.

Hide Windows Taskbar
Hide Windows TaskbarHide Windows Taskbar

Net Spy Pro enables the administrator to hide the Windows task bar on the remote PC.

You can hide the Windows taskbar on any remote computer system on the network. This command is used when you want to limit the computer usage and want users to perform certain tasks only on the computer.

Send Message
Send MessageSend Message

Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to send a message to the remote user in an absolute stealth mode.

You can send any message to the remote computer system without compromising stealth. You can warn or guide any user on the network without getting caught with this Net Spy Pro administrative feature.

Web Site Blocking
Web Site BlockingWeb Site Blocking

Most companies with networks are faced with the dilemma of having unsupervised employees. This allows employees to go to their favorite online gaming site or waste time in other ways.

With Net Spy Pro, a network supervisor can filter this and other types of content on their network. Net Spy Pro can block any web site you specify from ever being launched. When a user tries to go to a web site listed in the supervisor-created block list, their browser will completely close.

Application Blocking
Application BlockingApplication Blocking

In addition to keeping a list of web sites that can't be accessed, a network supervisor can create a list to block specific applications from being launched. The list can include application names or keywords within any application's main window title.

If an application on this user-created block list is clicked on, it will not launch. This allows you to restrict certain applications you don't want your employees to use such as web browsers or chat clients or any other type of program.


PC 433mhz or faster PC with at least 64 MB RAM Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Mac All Macintosh makes and models running Mac OS X v10.7 Lion*, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

Requirements For Viewing Logs:
Any desktop or laptop computer with a web browser on the same network as the client PCs.

Customers’ Feedback

It is possible to check the emails that are sent and received. Net Spy Pro has helped to see the files and images that are being downloaded. The chat conversation can also be monitored which finally helps to analyze the credibility of the employees. Based on our private survey, the companies using the software are very satisfied. On 1 to 10 rating scale, the survey shows an average rating of 9.3.


Net Spy Pro is a very effective remote control PC network traffic monitoring software for bosses, parents, schools and even internet café owners. It is the best way to monitor network traffic and internet usage, and to keep an eye on all the activities of the user. You can protect your computer from being misused. You can save time and money while monitoring your employees.


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