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iKeyMonitor Review: iPhone Parental Controls Keylogger

7:46 AM
iKeyMonitor is an invisible keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows you to monitor, record and log everything on iOS devices, like Keystrokes, Passwords, SMS messages, WhatsApp chats, Websites, Screenshots and more. It is an effective iPad and iPhone Keylogger which works invisibly to hide itself in the background of the device, so it is completely undetectable while it is running and monitoring people in their iPad and iPhones. All activities that are recorded by the iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Keylogger, they will be sent to specified Email box or FTP account, which enables users to access and view the logs remotely anywhere with an Internet connection.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Korean and Chinese. However, the iOS Keylogger works with more languages when it comes to keystroke and SMS recording. It is the truth that all the features of iKeyMonitor in almost all kinds of languages are available.

It is very simple to install and configure too. You're done in less than five minutes! Watch installation and configuration video below.

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Why Use iKeyMonitor?

Watch Children
Read and report SMS and website logs to email box. Figure out the recent situation of children.

Supervise Employees
Watch the key presses and take screen shots. Detect improper behaviors of employees.

Monitor Families
Run in stealth mode and capture everything. Monitor family members or clear suspicions.

Get Back Lost iPhone/iPad
Monitor the activities on the iPhone/iPad you own. Track lost or stolen iPhone and iPad.

Features of iKeyMonitor iPhone Parental Controls Keylogger

Invisible Monitoring
iKeyMonitor provides invisible monitoring for all users to make sure that nobody can easily find it. With invisible and undetectable monitoring, you don’t need to worry that your kids may be angry if they find that you are monitoring them, or your employees won’t know you are keeping an eye on their activities and more. All of these can help you find out all the truth happening on their iOS devices.

Keystroke Logging
iKeyMonitor keeps track of all keystrokes including Passwords in hidden mode and pasted texts. It allows users to record all detailed keystrokes including passwords typed. With iKeyMonitor, all keystrokes including passwords, pasted texts can be recorded clearly. It will record even though the passwords are hidden as asterisks.

Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
iKeyMonitor monitors and records every incoming and outgoing SMS on the iPhone. The phone numbers of the people who send/receive the messages will be recorded by this iPhone keylogger to tell you whom the user often contacts and what the user often talks about with others, which may be very helpful for you to find out how they behave in real life.

Keep Track of Web Activities
iKeyMonitor records every web site visited on Safari. Visiting websites is the most basic thing that people do online. iKeyMonitor records all details about the websites you visited, from which you can quickly tell if your kids, employees visited any bad websites such as pornography, violent websites or more.

Record WhatsApp Text Messages
iKeyMonitor helps you keep a list of all incoming and outgoing Text messages happening in WhatsApp on iPhone. WhatsApp nowadays is widely used by iPhone users because of its convenience for sending and receiving instant messages, pictures and more. Now with iKeyMonitor, all Text messages that are sent or received in WhatsApp will be recorded clearly, so you can monitor more message activities happening on the target iPhone.

Log Typed Chat Conversations
iKeyMonitor logs all typed chat conversations by logging all keystrokes. Chatting online is the most common behavior that people do with their iOS devices, iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone/iPad allows you to record all chat conversations that are typed at your end, so you can know what others often talk about on the Internet.

Monitor Social Networking Activity
iKeyMonitor records activities performed in social networks like Facebook or Twitter. iKeyMonitor helps you record activities that are preformed in the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter by recording all posted messages that are typed on the websites with your iOS devices.

Record Entered Email Content
iKeyMonitor records all the detailed composed content in sent emails by capturing and recording typed keystrokes. The iPhone/iPad Spy app enables you to figure out all the detailed composed content in emails sent by the user.

Capture Screenshots Periodically
It captures screenshots and gives you a visual view about what has been done. Screenshots captured will provide you with a visual view about what the users exactly do on iPhone. For example, you can tell if they are doing video chat with strangers or what games they are playing.

Remotely Check Logs via Email/FTP
The activities will be logged and sent to your email or FTP secretly and automatically. The logs including keystrokes typed, websites visited, screenshots captured and more will be recorded clearly and sent to your email or FTP server in secret and auto mode. Therefore, you just need to check your email or FTP to view all the logs and you will know everything on the iOS devices.

Remotely Switch on/off the Monitoring
You are allowed to turn on or turn off iKeyMonitor remotely with Remote control panel. You can control the keylogger remotely without physical access to the iOS devices. It can be operated on any computers/smartphones which have an Internet connection with remote control panel account configured on iKeyMonitor.

Where to Buy?
iKeyMonitor is not available at app stores, but can be downloaded at http://ikeymonitor.com

How Much?
iKeyMonitor is affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's only $99.95 for a 12 Months License.

iPad Keylogger Review

7:18 AM
ipad keylogger
iPad Keylogger is an essential software that can help you monitor all activities of your loved ones, kids and employees to keep updated on all things they do. This keylogger for Android review will help you determine why you should consider purchasing this software. The iPad Keylogger is suitable with Android gadgets, iPads and iPad Mini and it can monitor without a trace.

Who Could Benefit from iPad Keylogger?

If you doubt that your partner or your boyfriend is cheating on you, iPad keylogger is the ideal way to monitor them without a trace. If you want to ensure the safety of your kids or if they going to school, you will know what your kids are doing through this software. 

iPad Keylogger Description

Tablet keylogger or iPad keylogger is the first spying and monitoring software made for iPads, tablets as well as Android. This application allows the user to track their iPhone, iPod, iPad and other Android gadgets in real time.  The iPad monitoring software has been made for all tracking needs on phone devices. This software comes with a smart installer pack that can detect the Smartphone and Android device automatically and its operating version. This assists the user to utilize single software for all devices which include iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. This iPad keylogger works on various models of iPad. 
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iPad Keylogger Features

Read Emails
All emails are delivered to the iPad Keylogger’s website account, but the user can remove them. Once the email address is stored in the phone book, the name will also be accessible. This software supports various languages
Location Monitoring
For devices that include GPS feature, the iPad Keylogger utilizes the integrated GPS placing to give you an idea about the device coordinates. It is also possible to organize the setting for true time updates as well as to show a way of travel in a specific time frame. 

Website History
Verify what sites are being browsed by the target iPad or phone. The website addresses and URLs visited utilizing the phone browser can be detected and seen on the website account. 

Read Facebook and Skype Chat
Read Facebook and Skype Chat in both side even if deleted. iPad Keylogger has the capability to capture chat logs from both Facebook and the Facebook Messenger application. Unlike other tablet keylogger, iPad Keylogger captures both site conversation and it support all languages -- Arabic, Chiness, Hebrew, Korean, and all other non-latin character will be show perfectly same as English on your web account. 

Address Book
Once there is a contact name entry in your phone book for email ads, phone calls or SMS, iPad Keylogger will recover this information with every communication it conveys to the web account. The call also gets a complete address book along with the names, emails, phone numbers and other data in the address book. 

See Photo Taken
iPad Keylogger has the ability to upload all photos taken on the target device to your secure web account. You just need to login to your web account and see all photes on target phone immediately. As soon as target user take a picture our software upload a copy of the photo to your web account secretly, so even if target user delete it on the device you can see it on your web account.

Money Back Guarantee
For purchasers who are not pleased or contented with the product, the company offers a ten days money back warranty. They can cancel their membership for whichever basis. 

Customer Review and Score

Those who already used this software are amazed with the benefits and advantages that this product offers. When it comes to monitoring the activity of your kids or loved ones, iPad keylogger is the best option. This can be utilized without a trace and most of all, this can be installed right away and stress free. 


If you want an effective, reliable and reasonable tracking device, iPad keylogger is worth giving a try. You will be amazed with the uses and benefits that this software can provide. 

How Much is iPad Keylogger?

iPad Keylogger is very affordable and is worth every penny you spent. The 3 months plan is just $89, the 6 month plan is $149 and the annual plan is just $198. So what you're waiting for? 

PeekTab Review

11:43 PM

PeekTab is the first remote keylogger tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad models and iPad Mini models and any tablets running the Android OS. PeekTab is truly a cutting-edge technology that allows you to monitor your tablet in real time.  Now you can learn the truth about what your child or employee does on the iPad or Android tablet with PeekTab tablet monitoring software. After purchasing, the hidden monitoring software is installed on the tablet that you need to monitor. 

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are they being naughty? You deserve to know the truth! PeekTab silently records activities such as GPS locations, web history, emails, text messages, photos and more. You can then remotely view the logs by simply accessing your account from any computer, tablet, or smartphone web browser.

All monitoring data are sent via the internet to your online viewing account that you can access anywhere from any electronic devices that is connected to the internet. You'll be amazed by how simple it is to learn about how your child or employee uses the tablet with this monitoring software.

Now that tablets are being used more than ever, PeekTab is on the forefront by introducing the first of its kind tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad and tablets running the Android based OS. With PeekTab you can monitor your child or employee's tablet activities in real time from any location.

With a robust set of features and easy-to-navigate control panel, PeekTab is an invaluable modern day tool for parents and employers. PeekTab helps parents monitor tablets to protect their children, and helps employers to protect their companies.
peektab live demo

Uses and Benefits of PeekTab Remote Keylogger

PeekTab Product Box
Parents: Want to monitor your child's iPad or Android based tablet? With PeekTab monitoring software you can check on their internet history and photos, find out where your child is with the tablet GPS tracking feature, see what apps they use, and check his or her email inbox/outbox to be sure that they are being safe.

Employers: Want to monitor your employee's tablet? Get PeekTab monitoring software now and start finding out the truth about how your employees use their company issued iPads and Android base tablets.

You will be able to view employees' tablet internet and email history, see what contacts they have stored, and view all photos and videos on the tablet you are monitoring. The GPS tracking feature lets you know where your employees are at any given time.

PeekTab monitoring software has all the features you need to keep your child or employee's tablet usage in check. Finally, a software that is easy to use and capable of handling your tablet monitoring needs.

PeekTab Product Features Overview

Web History

peetab ipad web historyPeekTab remote keylogger is the perfect tool to find out what websites your child or employee is viewing online. Once the software is installed onto the tablet, it records all website URLs visited and sends the data to the online control panel. When you log in from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the internet, the URL log displays the web addresses that were visited, along with the date and time that the tablet user visited the sites. Now you can know the truth about their internet usage on the tablet.

GPS Locations

peektab gps
Need to verify the exact location of your child or employee's tablet? With PeekTab's GPS Locations feature, you will be able to track the location of the tablet at any given time. The GPS log displays the time, latitude/longitude, and a link to a street map that helps you pinpoint the tablet's exact location at that time. This is perfect for companies that need to keep track of their employees' tablets. And parents love it too because they have a way of verifying the location of their child. With the ability to customize the time interval in which the locations are captured, you will have an accurate overview of where your child or employee went during the day. And if the tablet ever gets lost, you can use the GPS location feature to find it.

Contact Info

peektab contact info
Want to know who your child is contacting with their tablet? Need to keep tabs on your employee's contact list? PeekTab allows you to do just that. This feature records all contacts on the tablet when they are saved. Even if the tablet user deletes the contact later, it will not matter because the tablet monitoring software already recorded it and sent the info to your online control panel that you can access with any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet. Have peace of mind knowing the truth about who your child or employee is contacting with their tablet.


peektab photosWant to know what photos are on your monitored tablet? Is your child downloading inappropriate images? Is your employee wasting time on the company tablet with personal photos? Now you can know the truth about what photos are on your child or employee's tablet with PeekTab's Photo Log feature. It records every photo taken or downloaded on the tablet and displays the photo log in your online control panel. The photo log shows the time, image name, and a link to download the photo to your remote location.


peektab calendar
Need to know what your child is planning on their tablet calendar? Are they planning to go to a party that you told them not to? Do you want to know what meetings your employees have scheduled on their tablet calendars? With PeekTab you can monitor their tablet calendars and keep track of their scheduled events. The data is sent to you online control panel and displays the time/date, event and any notes pertaining to the scheduled event. Stay connected with your child or employee's activities with PeekTab.

Apps Installed

peektab installed apps
With the total count for iOS and Android tablet apps now more than 1 million, some of them may be inappropriate for your child, and employees have many options available for wasting time at work. Now you can keep track of their app usage with PeekTab's Tablet App Monitoring feature. You will learn the truth about what apps they have downloaded and installed onto the tablet. With PeekTab Tablet Monitoring Software you will be able to keep their tablet app usage under control.

More Great Features HERE.

Tablet Requirements

Apple iPad (3G or Wi-Fi) models and iPad Mini (3G or Wi-Fi) models & tablets running the Android OS.
NOTE: All Apple iPad models & iPad Mini models MUST be jailbroken in order to install PeekTab. This is an easy free process and is reversible.

Where to Buy?

PeekTab is not available at the app stores and can only be downloaded at Retina-X website at http://www.retinax.com

How Much?
PeekTab is affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's ONLY $69.97 (1-year License).

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