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Brickhouse Security 2MB USB Keylogger Review

5:43 PM
The 2MB USB Keylogger is the best seller and top rated computer monitoring keylogger of Brickhouse Security. It's 2MB internal memory records up to six months of keystrokes. You can secretly log emails, chats, internet searches, passwords typed, and more with this fast and user-friendly keylogger.  It is ideal in monitoring your children, employees, spouse and any unauthorized access and activity to your computers. 
  • Six Months of Key Logging
  • Time and Date Stamped Files
  • Windows and Linux Compatible
The Keystroke Logger USB will not interfere with any program running on the target computer and cannot be detected by any software. It is designed to blend in with the rest of the computer's hardware and cables and is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. 
The USB Keystroke logger has an advantage over software keystroke loggers as it begins recording keystrokes the moment the computer is turned on, giving it the ability to intercept passwords. The keystroke logger interprets the information that flows between your keyboard and computer, processes it, and stores it to USB flash memory, which won't be lost in a power outage. The USB logger's 2MB on-board memory can be accessed via a password-protected menu system that will pull up recorded keystrokes, so you can carefully review your target's activities. 

Features of 2MB USB Keylogger

  • Plug and Play installation- start recording in a flash 2Mb memory allows up to six months keystroke-recording under normal use 
  • Time and date stamping for legal use 
  • Device can be unplugged for keystroke retrieval on another computer 
  • Compact and discreet device does not use any system resources 
  • Windows and Linux compatible 


  • Know what your child is doing on the Internet 
  • Observe chat or E-mail messages sent by target user 
  • Protect your child or teen from dangerous e-Predators 
  • Detect unauthorized activity- is someone accessing your personal files? 
  • Monitor Internet, E-mail and chat room use by your child, spouse or employee 
  • Know what your employees are doing during business hours; are they working hard or hardly working? 


2 THE MAX: KBMA01-083
ACROX: LK-8000
ApaxQ: AP-KB203
BOX2s: KG-28M
DELL: SK-8125
E-3LUE: EKM019R00
HP: KU-0316
IBM: SK-8825
iPrC: 805
i-rocks: KB-6220G
LOGIC: KB-1003
TRUST: KB-1400

Includes: 2Mb Keyslogger USB Dimensions: 1.4" (37mm) x 0.5" (14mm) x 0.75" (19mm)

ONLY $69.95
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Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe Review

3:44 AM
Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe

The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe is a great piece of PC monitoring engineering. Like the original Stealth iBot, it's completely covert, running in the background of the operating system. The Deluxe model adds the ability to send you reports at predetermined intervals via email, so you never have to go back to the computer you're monitoring. You can even set up the Stealth iBot Deluxe to send you screenshots when selected words or phrases are typed.

This device is not Mac compatible, so be sure that the computer you need to monitor is running Windows. Though the software won't be detected and removed by antivirus applications, it can sometimes be disrupted. Firewalls and antivirus software may keep reports from being emailed. That's a rare occurrence, but if it happens, you can always retrieve your data by plugging the Stealth iBot Deluxe into the target computer and retrieving the data manually, which usually takes well under a minute.

Introducing the Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe, the next generation of computer monitoring software.
  • Now with Remote Management. 
  • No Physical Access Required Once Remote Software Has Installed. 
  • The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe logs every keystroke typed from chats, Instant Messages, search engines, emails and control fields exchanged with your child, teen, spouse or employee. 
  • The software will also capture screenshots that you can set to meet your own monitoring preferences, like keyword/keyphrase triggers, which will send alerts to your email every time the keylogging software detects a word you've selected to monitor. 

Complete Security Monitoring and Risk Management Solution for Your Windows-based Computer

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is the first remote computer monitoring software that provides you with the utmost reliability. After intensive product testing and receiving incredible consumer feedback, the Stealth iBot is now available to everyone. Brickhouse is always searching for ways to make our electronics work better for you. 

The Old v. The New 

The new and improved Stealth iBot Deluxe packs even more features than its highly popular predecessor, the Stealth iBot. This revolutionary remote computer monitoring software lets you receive data such as recorded keystrokes chat correspondences and web URL histories via email, but that's not all... This remote computer monitoring software makes it easy for you to manage your home or business PC.

What does it do?

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is a quick and easy solution to to any concerns you may have regarding your privacy. The remote software records every keystroke typed alerting you of suspicious activities. The Stealth iBot Deluxe lets you find out if someone has cracked your password. It also helps you confirm if someone is spying on your emails/chats or is going through secure web URLs that may contain your credit card information or other sensitive personal information. The Stealth iBot Deluxe also captures screenshots giving you a window view to computer screens at preset intervals.

Perhaps you're wondering how much of your time this comprehensive remote computer monitoring software will take to install and navigate. Brickhouse Security realized that your time is valuable, so they are always on the lookout for the latest technologies minus the unnecessary hassle of complicated installations and confusing technical jargon.

Stealth iBot Deluxe Installation Instructions:
  1. Insert the Stealth iBot Deluxe unit into the target computer
  2. Go to 'My Computer'
  3. Open the 'SC_DELUXE' drive
  4. Click on 'Deluxe.exe' and follow instructions
  5. Click on 'Install Stealth iBot Deluxe'
  6. Page 1 of 26 and the software is now installed on the PC
  7. The software is now installed on the PC
  • Now press 'configure'
  • Go to 'email' to select the desired fields of monitoring
  Email Settings:
  •  Username: Enter username as your full email address
  • Password: Your chosen password
  • SMTP settings (outgoing server details): Gmail = smtp.gmail.com / Yahoo = smtp.yahoo.com
  • Press 'Test SMTP settings' to test the settings are correct
Once you have installed the Stealth iBot Deluxe computer monitoring software, you will get gathered data remotely sent to your email account so you won't even have to physically be at the PC you are monitoring to gather its data usage history. 

BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick Review

10:58 PM
The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is one of the most powerful iPhone monitoring tool on the market today.
    - The Ultimate iPhone Monitoring Solution
    - Read Deleted Text Messages & Chat Histories
    - View Contacts, Searches & More
    - Now compatible with iOS 6.0.1.

There's No Better Tool for Recovering iPhone Data

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The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is the ultimate monitoring tool for anyone who wants to capture deleted data or monitor iPhones of any model up to the iPhone 5 using iOS 6.0.1 and lower.

The powerful iPhone Spy makes it easy to read deleted text messages, contacts, call and web histories, calendar appointments and more -- giving you a unique look into exactly what users have been searching for, who they've been talking to, and even where they've been. 

All you need is access to the iPhone for a few minutes and you can begin recovering and saving map searches, web searches, text messages and just about everything that happens on the Apple smartphone. This is the only tool you need to monitor your kids or employees, catch a cheating spouse or back up all your important iPhone data. 

  • Catch a Cheating Spouse
  • Monitor Your Kids' iPhone Text Messaging and Internet Use
  • Check on Employees Using Company-Issued iPhones
  • Restore Deleted Information

The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is Compatible with iPhones using iOS 6.0.1 and below.

    Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000 or Mac OSX 10.5-10.8
    Languages: Reads and displays ASCII characters

 Download information like:

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Appointments and Reminders
  • Notes
  • Internet Search and Web History
  • Map Searches
  • Phone Properties Such as Model, Serial Number, OS Version, and More

    Deleted data types that can be recovered:     

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Entries and Reminders
Speed of scan: Varies from 1-20 minutes (for best results, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed). Phones with more data stored may take longer to recover than others. If recovery process goes beyond 1 hour, you may want to try the recovery on a different computer.


The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick displays data stored to an iPhone's memory. It pulls:
CURRENT SMS (text) history, contacts, call log, calendar, notes, internet data and map history.
DELETED SMS, contacts, call history, calendar entries, and notes IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN OVERWRITTEN.
Just like a computer, when the iPhone deletes data, that information isn't really deleted. The "roadsigns" pointing to a file are removed and the space that file is in is marked by the operating system as available for use. This means that new information can be stored on top of these files.
This recovery process goes through a device's memory and pulls data that has had it's "roadsigns" removed, but if new information has been stored in the same space as a deleted file, it will not be recoverable. It's been overwritten.
When a device saves information, where it chooses to save to is random. It can save to memory that has never been used, or to used data available for overwriting. As an example, when it was run on a phone during testing, it pulled up deleted information over a year old, but not information that had been deleted the week previous.
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