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Mobistealth Review

1:48 AM

Mobistealth is the best spy software for Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry and Nokia and Symbian phones. You can set it up in less than a minute on the cell phone you intend to spy and monitor. Then you may login to the Stealth Club to view exactly what happens on the phone -- all text messages, all phone calls, all websites visited plus more! The best part of this cell phone spy software is that you can view all this data from anywhere in the world in real time! It works in complete stealth mode, which means it can silently work in the background and record all activities on the phone. 

Mobistealth is an All-in-One keylogger solution with its most comprehensive and advance features:
  •  Real-Time and Historical Location Tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Spy Call (Listen Live to Cell Phone Surroundings)
  • Video, Picture, Email and Text Message Log
  • Web History
  • Contact Details
  • SIM Change Notification


 What Make Mobistealth the Perfect Mobile Phone Spy Keylogger Software?

Mobistealth cell phone spy software offers a wide spectrum of features for monitoring the cell phone activity. It fits a wide array of needs. Whether you are trying to spy on the suspect as an investigator from law enforcement agnecy, or a responsible parent trying to monitor the cell phone usage of your kids, mobistealth has all the right spy mobile phone software features for you. We are confident that you will find Mobistealth the best cell phone tracking/monitoring/spying software available in the market.

Call Spying, Monitoring and Recording

Mobistealth spy mobile phone software enables you to record all calls made from/to specific numbers. The recorded calls will be uploaded secretly to your stealth club account, which can later be listened to at any time. You can also find out the details of all incoming and outgoing calls and the durations of each calls. The spy software application will enable you to make a spy Call too. You can also do live listening to the surroundings of the target phone holder immediately without being recognized.

Mobistealth spy mobile phone software application will enable you to remotely record all conversations in the surrounding of the phone. You just need to send a secret SMS and recording will automatically start. The whole recording will be uploaded secretly to your stealth club account.

Location Tracking and Monitoring

You can monitor and track every movement of your spouse. The location information is updated automatically at a predefined interval. The location history can then be viewed by logging on to your stealth club account. You can get current location of target phone by sending the secret SMS at any time. The current location will be reported immediately through SMS answer.

Data Logging

Mobistealth allows you to view all the details of emails sent and received, web browsing history and all the saved bookmarks to any websites. Mobistealth android and blacberry spy app will upload all the pictures on phone to your stealth club account. Any videos made through the cell phone camera will be uploaded to your stealth club account by android spy software. You can also view the details of all the contacts saved on the phone. This enables you to find out the details of any masked contacts.

Mobistealth will also enable you to read all incoming and outgoing SMS (Text) messages sent and received from mobile phone. You will be able to read everything even if it is deleted from the phone.

Mobistealth spy apps have a reverse phone lookup as well. This means that you can get the owner name and address of the phone number in the SMS and call details history (whenever possible) by simply clicking on the phone number. Normaly this kind of lookup costs for each search but Mobistealth have integrated this feature free of cost to all its customers.


Uses of Mobistealth 

Do you wonder how you can spy and catch a cheating spouse? If you have that inkling your loved one may be cheating on you or your spouse is having an affair, Mobile Spy Software is the perfect solutions for you.  Mobile spy software track calls both calls made and received by your spouse, record and listen to the actual calls, retrieve and read SMS and track locations.
Expose the truth and discover the details of the affair.

Parental Control Software for Cell Phones  
Are you concerned about the cell phone activities of your children? Are you worried that they might be in danger and wonder how you can monitor and control their activities? Parental Control Software for Cell Phone is the ideal solutions for you.  
Protect your children from Sexting and other dangers. 

Employee Monitoring and Location Tracking Software for Mobiles
If you are an employer and want to enforce company policies on company owned cell phones or want to track actual locations of your sales persons then an Employee Monitoring and Location Tracking Software for Mobiles is most suitable for you. It's the perfect solutions for monitoring your smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones.
Be sure that your employees are doing the things they should be doing.

Phone Protection and GPS Tracking Software for Mobiles  
Do you want to protect your phone from being lost or stolen permanently? Do you want to track your cell phone and don't want to reveal your privacy to thief or unknown persons? Then Phone Protection and GPS Tracking Software spy application is ideal for you.
Protect and locate your phone .

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