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How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords Using Keyloggers

hack facebook
Just about every day, there are thousands of people who hack Facebook account of other users. You probably have been wondering how these people were able to do this and how it is made possible. Basically, this is due to the chief loop home within their security systems. Facebook has been recognized as the most extensively utilized social networking website of today worldwide. It also has its own flaws in security, which gives hackers the chance to compromise accounts that easily. This article aims to provide you with information on how to use keylogger to hack Facebook accounts to help parents, spouses and employers monitor social media activities remotely.

You might wonder why there are many people who choose to hack a Facebook account. The answer to this is yet so simple. There are many different reasons as to why a person will hack Facebook account of another person. When it comes to parents, who care a lot for their kids, they might wish to view what their children are performing online so as to check out on them. A girlfriend or boyfriend may wish to discover what their partner is going through when they are not around. A wife or husband would like to monitor whether his/her partner is being faithful to him/her.

These days, the world of online social media has hugely become one of the latest things for most people of any age. Most Facebook users are sharing their darkest and deepest secrets, hobbies, interests, dislikes and likes with their friends. And this can also be the same reason why there are many people who wish to hack Facebook account, which is to get an access to the account of other users so as to know just about every single thing about them. There are many individuals who are considered as expert Facebook password hacker, so you may want to consider looking for them if you also wish to know how to hack a Facebook password. 

How to Hack Facebook Account

In today’s world, there are a lot of professional hackers who offer different services to hack Facebook account. However, most of these professional hackers usually charge anywhere between $100 and $10,000 only for one account. Yet, do people really pay as much as that amount just to hack someone’s account? Indeed, they do. For instance, if you are working on a business and you wish to view what your competitor is doing or perhaps you wish to get ahead of them, such amount of money should never be a big deal. In similar way, many people have many different reasons to hack Facebook account.

But then, why will you bother spending such large amount, if you only have a better option with the available software helping you hack Facebook account. Some of the best remote keylogging software that you can use to hack Facebook account passwords are enumerated below.

Best Facebook Password Cracker and Hacker Software


This is remotely deployable monitoring software you can actually use to hack a Facebook account. This kind of computer program records all the activities of your kids or employees who use your remote computer. SniperSpy could be installed through the internet by sending an e-mail attachment containing a module. The module file is just 81KB which can be renamed to anything you want and dropped inside a Word, Wordpad, Works or Zip file. Once the module is run by your employee or child, it will silently install into your remote computer. The software is 100% stealth and undetectable. It records a selection of internet activities which you will be able to view instantly such as websites visited, bookmarks, chat transcript, MySpace logs and all Facebook activities including log in details. Hence, it gives you the ability to hack Facebook password. If you wish to display the screen or browse through the logged results, you only need to log in to its Secure Online Control Panel and then key in your password after the username.

To know more about this powerful software, you can read my full review of SniperSpy or visit their website at http://www.retinax.com.

007 Spy Software 

This is a very powerful monitoring software that enables you to record all activities on a computer secretly, which include email received and sent, visited websites, passwords and keystrokes of all programs or websites, such Twitter, Webmail, Outlook, MySpace, AOL and of course, Facebook. It also helps you record file activities including move, cope and delete, online instant message conversations, such as AOL, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, gTalk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, and a lot more. Using this software, you will also be able to take snapshots on screen at your set intervals comparable to surveillance camera that is directly pointed at the computer. Some of the most interesting features of 007 Spy Software includes the password protection, remote log viewer, monitoring schedule, suspending on idle and a lot more. 

If you need to see more features of this software, read my 007 Spy Software review or visit them at  http://www.e-spy-software.com.

SpyTech SpyAgent

This SpyTech SpyAgent software helps in monitoring user’s computer activities. This application is surveillance and monitoring commercial program for a computer. The application can record different computer activities including programs used, websites visited and opened Windows. The program can also take IRC (Internet Relay Chat) messages. The application may also record confidential information, such as passwords and usernames. Such program can also take screenshots periodically of the monitor. This is performed to take entered data within websites, which have created the way to verify identification without having to use your keyboards. The SpyTech SpyAgent application can send all the gathered information to an e-mail address only accessible to its remote user. Such remote user will then have to view the gathered information in a TXT file format.

For more information, read my review here or check their website at http://www.spytech-web.com/spyagent-stealth.shtml.

With the use of any of the above-mentioned Facebook password hacker keyloggers, you will be given the ability to hack Facebook account effectively without having to spend a lot of money. However, be reminded that you can only hack computers that you own, so use responsibly.

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SpyTech Real-Time Spy Review

7:19 AM
spytech real-time spy
Real-Time Spy computer monitoring software makes you invisible. What would you give to be able to observe your employees’ online activity with the stealth of a fly? Does it seem too good to be true? Entrepreneurs who try it enjoy full knowledge of workers’ internet exploits. Real-Time provides the best keylogger on the market. The remote keylogger goes unnoticed by users. Only you have access. The remote spy software installs from any location; there is no need for manual installation.

Parents use the spy keylogger to monitor the activities of their children. They are able to see who they chat with and read logs of the conversations. Kids do not always recognize danger as do parents. Suspicious husbands and wives use it to discover what their better half finds so entertaining for hours at a time.

Remote installation is simple; just send an email to the computer you want to monitor. The ingenious computer monitoring software runs in stealth mode. Remote users do not see it operating within the system. You only need an internet connection to monitor the activity log.

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The program is equipped with a spy keylogger. You have access to all keystrokes typed. The log formats it for easy reading. It is the best keylogger available.

The log also tracks windows opened, websites accessed, print jobs executed, and more. With this software you are aware of all activity. You can remotely log-off the remote computer. You have the ability to remotely reboot, shutdown, and freeze it. 

It would be difficult to find a negative Real-Time Spy review. The remote spy system is so easy to use. I have enjoyed knowing how my children spend their time online. I know when a friendship is dangerous; they may not see the warning signs as easily as I do. I read a Real-Time Spy review that described a dangerous situation. Luckily, the concerned mom read the invitation for an in-person meeting in time to keep her child safe. The world we live in is technologically advanced. Parents must stay one step ahead of the dangers. Real-Time Spy’s remote keylogger makes it easier.

You deserve to know how your employees spend company resources during work hours. The software solves this problem for you. Your marriage is easier to save if you know about the problem before it becomes unmanageable. You and your kids deserve to live safely. Try Real-Time Spy software today.

Perfect Keylogger Review

11:42 PM

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the new computer spyware that can be installed on your computer. With this keylogger, you can now find out what your child is doing whenever he is using the computer and searching the net. Whatever the issue is for which you are seeking answers for in terms of computer usage, the Perfect Keylogger is your best ally.

Who Could Buy this Product?

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is ideal to be used by parents who are curious and worried about what their kids are doing on the computer and the internet. This is also the best way for you to know whether your spouse is chatting with someone else. This spy keylogger is the best spyware that you can install on your company’s computer in order to supervise your employees that you are in doubt with or having some truth issues with.

What Is Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger

Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the best keylogger that you can use to know all the activities your kid is doing, whom your spouse is chatting with, or whether your employee really deserves your trust and to be with your company. This remote keylogger is the best way to deal and have answers with your curiosity.

The Perfect Keylogger is a new generation keylogger which is virtually undetectable. It is a popular award-winning tool, translated into 20+ languages. It was created as an alternative to very expensive commercial keylogger products. It has a similar functionality, but is significantly easier to use. Complex internal mechanisms are hidden from the user behind the friendly interface. You can install Keylogger and use it immediately without messing with settings.

Product Features

  • Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger has the ability to provide visual screen shots.
  • Ability to create a pre-configured package for instant and stealth installation on the target computer.
  • It is capable of recording all emails, applications and messages that have been opened.
  • Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is also capable of capturing passwords concealed by asterisks.
  • Chat conversations are saved from both parties.
  • It also features keyword detection and notify the users.
  • Monitors activities once the user goes online.
  • Smart Rename feature lets you to rename all keylogger's executable files and registry entries using one keyword
  • Absolutely invisible in Windows 7/Vista/XP Task Manager
  • Available in three editions: full version, full version remote edition and basic edition. (You can view the comparative chart of the different editions HERE)
Uses and Benefits 

Monitor Kid's Online Activities
Perfect Keylogger is a great tool to remotely monitor and track what your kids are doing online. By using this software, you can also control what they can see on the web while surfing. Protect your kids also with online predators! They are out there and your kids are vulnerable to them. 

Monitor Employee's Computer Activities
Perfect Keylogger is also a greatly help for employers to make sure that they employees are using their computers for business purposes. By installing the keylogger software and informing them that they computer activities are being monitor, they will think twice before visiting inappropriate and indecent websites or copying confidential company information. A recent conducted research showed that employee productivity has significantly when computer monitoring software was installed on the employee's computers and laptops. 

Monitor Partner's Online Activities
Online relationship has become more and more prevalent because of the advancement of technology especially the internet. Remember that online relationships can often develop into more than just a few flirty emails here and there. So if you suspect that your partner might be committing online affair, the Perfect Keylogger will be the best way to confirm if your suspicions are true.

Customer Review and Scores

Other than the purpose of Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger, one of the reasons that made it the best remote keylogger is its easy usage and user friendly aspect. This can be fully installed and operated within a few minutes, and from then on, it can already start recording the activities being made by your kid, spouse or employee on your remote computer.

Based on the information that was given above and the customer reviews that were made about Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger, it is not surprising anymore that after experiencing the ability of this spyware, customers has stated that they are truly happy and satisfied with it.


Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger is the most affordable and convenient keylogger to spy on your kid, spouse and employee’s computer activities. Its full-packed features like its commercial software counterpart assures you of its effectiveness. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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Brickhouse Security 2MB USB Keylogger Review

5:43 PM
The 2MB USB Keylogger is the best seller and top rated computer monitoring keylogger of Brickhouse Security. It's 2MB internal memory records up to six months of keystrokes. You can secretly log emails, chats, internet searches, passwords typed, and more with this fast and user-friendly keylogger.  It is ideal in monitoring your children, employees, spouse and any unauthorized access and activity to your computers. 
  • Six Months of Key Logging
  • Time and Date Stamped Files
  • Windows and Linux Compatible
The Keystroke Logger USB will not interfere with any program running on the target computer and cannot be detected by any software. It is designed to blend in with the rest of the computer's hardware and cables and is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. 
The USB Keystroke logger has an advantage over software keystroke loggers as it begins recording keystrokes the moment the computer is turned on, giving it the ability to intercept passwords. The keystroke logger interprets the information that flows between your keyboard and computer, processes it, and stores it to USB flash memory, which won't be lost in a power outage. The USB logger's 2MB on-board memory can be accessed via a password-protected menu system that will pull up recorded keystrokes, so you can carefully review your target's activities. 

Features of 2MB USB Keylogger

  • Plug and Play installation- start recording in a flash 2Mb memory allows up to six months keystroke-recording under normal use 
  • Time and date stamping for legal use 
  • Device can be unplugged for keystroke retrieval on another computer 
  • Compact and discreet device does not use any system resources 
  • Windows and Linux compatible 


  • Know what your child is doing on the Internet 
  • Observe chat or E-mail messages sent by target user 
  • Protect your child or teen from dangerous e-Predators 
  • Detect unauthorized activity- is someone accessing your personal files? 
  • Monitor Internet, E-mail and chat room use by your child, spouse or employee 
  • Know what your employees are doing during business hours; are they working hard or hardly working? 


2 THE MAX: KBMA01-083
ACROX: LK-8000
ApaxQ: AP-KB203
BOX2s: KG-28M
DELL: SK-8125
E-3LUE: EKM019R00
HP: KU-0316
IBM: SK-8825
iPrC: 805
i-rocks: KB-6220G
LOGIC: KB-1003
TRUST: KB-1400

Includes: 2Mb Keyslogger USB Dimensions: 1.4" (37mm) x 0.5" (14mm) x 0.75" (19mm)

ONLY $69.95
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PC Pandora Review

6:31 AM
pc pandora
Parents who are looking for parental control software should have the PC Pandora keylogger. This software will help you make sure that your kids are protected from unsafe websites that they may visit when searching the internet.

Who Should Buy or Benefit from PC Pandora


Parents who are looking for a reliable surveillance software should get PC Pandora. It can help you ensure that you can easily monitor the things that your kids are doing with your computer or laptops. There is no arguing that the Internet is a great tool, full of positive potential for all users. But as parents, we must remember that children are very impressionable, and the Internet is an avenue that allows them to enter into many different realities. Your child can use the Internet to play games, download music, watch videos, and communicate with friends. The Internet also allows your children to access informational websites where they can become more knowledgeable and complete homework assignments. It's true that the Internet is a very beneficial place for our children to study, gain knowledge, be social and have fun.

But the Internet can also be used in evil ways by both those who intend to harm your children… and sometimes by your children themselves!


Improve office productivity, protect your assets and eliminate cyberslacking. Monitor your employees work, improve employee productivity, stop sexual harassment in the office, train employees more effectively and stop employee theft.

The Internet is what makes your business run. Communications, ordering, product development - the Internet has made it all work better, meaning a stronger bottom line for your company. But while small business owners know that efficiency is the key to success, we also know it's becoming harder and harder to ensure employee productivity amongst distractions like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging, online games, personal email and more.

PC Pandora LIVE! is designed to meet the needs of small business owners who need to ensure their company is getting the most from its employees.
Cyberslacking epidemic

Cyberslacking is an epidemic. Recent surveys find that employees are wasting about an hour per day on the internet. That means for every 8 employees you have, you are paying the equivalent of a full time salary for the time spent cyberslacking. A company with 1,000 Internet users could lose upwards of $35 million in productivity annually from just an hour of daily Web surfing by employees.

Product Description

PC Pandora is the perfect software for parents who want to keep their kids protected against different harmful and influential sites and employers who wants ensure employee productivity and protection from intellectual property and data theft. The software is designed to give parents and employers the authority to know everything that the kids and employees are doing when they are spending hours on the internet.

PC Pandora Product Features

Record Visible Screen Content
PC Pandora's screen recorder makes no mistakes and records EXACTLY what the user sees. It's like a DVR for your computer screen!

The screen content recorder can be adjusted to capture images of the screen from as often as once every 5 seconds or as little as once every 5 minutes. Users also have the ability to adjust the quality of the image and to target either the active program/application or the entire desktop with the recording device.

The screen content monitor complements the keystroke, website, chat monitors by adding visual depth and context to the words captured by other activity monitors. With PC Pandora's captured screen shots, there will be no question what your children, employees (or anyone else) are doing on the computer.

Record All Keystrokes Typed
PC Pandora captures all keyboard input on the computer – e.g. emails typed, login names, passwords, and all other textual input.  With PC Pandora's keystroke recorder, every key that is pressed on the keyboard is recorded. This means that all logins and passwords are recorded, allowing you full access to your child's accounts any time you want. Having access to those accounts will allow you to view past communications.

The full text of all emails are captured. Make a typo and have to backspace to correct it? Even that is captured. Every single key pressed on the keyboard is captured and presented for your review.

Monitor and Records All Websites Visited
PC Pandora records a log of all websites visited and the time spent on each, so you can see which websites your children are visiting and how frequently.

The Weblog
It doesn't take a computer whiz to hide web browsing tracks; but there is no fooling PC Pandora. Every website that is visited is logged. Every page on that web site is also logged. You'll have a complete record of every web site visited and, with a single click, you can go right to where they were.

In addition, screen shots are taken of the web sites visited with the screen content recorder. So now you have the website addresses and screen shots of the web sites visited. You'll know right away if your child has been doing something online that they are not supposed to be doing.

Captures time spent
PC Pandora also provides the ability to see how much time was spent on every website. In addition to knowing exactly where they go online, you will know exactly how much time they spent there.

Are your kids or employees addicted to social networking? Did they truly accidentally stumble upon pornography, or are they really spending hours viewing it? PC Pandora will let you know the truth about what they do online.

Block access to inappropriate websites
Parents and employers can also add domains deemed inappropriate to the PC Pandora blacklist with a click of a mouse. A customized message can even display when access to restricted sites is attempted.

Record All Programs Run and Applications Utilized
PC Pandora records a detailed list of every program used and when it was launched so you can see what programs your child or employees are using on a regular basis.

Who Used What, When and How Long
A very handy feature of PC Pandora is the ability to see a list of every program or application used. You will know if someone has been opening your email client, opening sensitive accounting software, or simply using programs you told them not to.

In addition to capturing the actual name of the program launched, PC Pandora also captures the window title. This shows you additional details of the content recorded, such as the name of documents that were opened in a word processor, or the name of a song or movie that played in a media player.

Risky Business
The Internet offers a program or application for just about everything these days; but with those programs come serious risks. Did your kids install some free music downloader that is riddled with adware, spyware or viruses? Is your child running Torrent software to download copyrighted music and movies? PC Pandora will tell you everything they download, install, run and utilize.

Detailed logs including run time
PC Pandora also captures the actual amount of time actively spent using the program. Want to know how much time was spent playing games? Now you know!

Record Emails and Attachments
PC Pandora captures the full detail of every email with all pertinent details, text and attachments.
Records emails sent and received
Email is still a form of communication that kids use, and one that can easily be covered up by simply deleting the evidence. But with PC Pandora, you will have a snap shot of every email read, written and sent. You'll even have screen shots of them trying to delete the evidence!

You will quickly discover if your child is using secret email addresses you didn't even know existed... and you'll know who every email is sent to, and who is writing back.

Webmail and attachments
Whether your child uses a PC based email program like Outlook, or an online mail system like Yahoo or Hotmail, PC Pandora records it ALL. Not only will you see emails in the form of screen shots, but PC Pandora replicates a fully captured email, with the content of the email, who it came from, when, and what the subject line is.

And that isn’t all - PC Pandora even captures the full details of every file attachments sent via email. If someone is sending your child inappropriate material, or visa versa, you will see it!

Records all P2P and File Sharing Activity
PC Pandora monitors and records all peer-to-pee and file sharing activity so you can see if they are downloading or trading copyrighted material, pornography, or anything else you deem inappropriate for young eyes or your employees.
What's P2P and supported clients
Peer-To-Peer (P2P) applications allow users to share files of any type through the internet. Some popular applications include Kazaa, Morpheus, LimeWire, eDonkey, eMule, iMesh, BearShare, uTorrent, Bit Comet and Bit Torrent. The majority of these applications are used to download and upload music and movie files, most of which are copyrighted and therefore illegally traded. But these applications can also be used to share pornography, sometimes child pornography.

Seriously Illegal
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have both sued individual illegal downloaders in the past. Currently, both companies are working with Internet Service Providers to fine and reduce - or even cancel - service to illegal downloaders.

Many parents consider pornography to be immoral and do not want their children looking at it. But when it comes to child pornography, it is downright illegal. The government has a zero tolerance policy and people caught sharing, trading or just in possession of child pornography will face jail time. If your teenager is caught swapping naked photos with their significant other, they could bee prosecuted under child pornography laws!

With PC Pandora's P2P guard, you'll know what files have been downloaded and with what programs, so you can block them from continuing the illegal activity. Teach your kids "Thou shall not steal" and hold them to it!

Record All Instant Messenger Activity and Chats
PC Pandora captures every instant messenger conversation and all Internet chatting, so you can see exactly who your kids are talking to and, more importantly, who is trying to talk to them.
Captures all popular IM and Chat clients
PC Pandora's amazing chat recording technology records all popular instant messenger programs, including Facebook Chat, Yahoo, Meebo, Google Talk, AOL, MSN/LIVE, ICQ, and lots more. It will also take snapshots of all online web chats that are popular at online communities. Users could disable IM message history to cover their tracks, but it's too late! PC Pandora has already captured the full message conversation. And what’s more - PC Pandora will show you how they're trying to cover their tracks!

Both sides of every conversation
Both sides of every conversation are captured and presented in a clear, easy to follow manner. You see the conversation exactly as it takes place; there are no fragmented bits and pieces to put together.

Blocks selected clients and protocols
PC Pandora also gives user the ability to block instant messenger applications and programs from being used at all. You control whether or not your child is allowed to use instant messenger.

Keep Track of All Your Files
PC Pandora monitors and records all data related to files that are created, modified, or deleted on the computer, so you can see exactly what data operations are occurring.
How is Your PC Being Used?
PC Pandora allows you to have a detailed log of all file activity on your computer. Captured data includes the file name, date and time of the activity, which user affected the file, the file action, and the file path (location).

While this feature is extremely helpful in the business world, parents will find it useful too.
Find out if your kids are creating, hiding or deleting secret files. For example, if your child is hiding a folder of pornography on the computer or creating materials meant to bully others, you will find out about it.

After you learn about the files and their use, you can view them through the screen content capture or go right to the file itself on the PC.

Business application
PC Pandora’s file tracking feature really shines in the business environment. It allows you to establish whether sensitive documents are being leaked through removable media such as USB memory sticks, DVD's or external hard drives. To obtain legal protection of their trade secrets, businesses must be able to show and prove they did their best to protect the secrets.

Allowing employees unsupervised transfer of sensitive data does not demonstrate a sincere effort to prevent theft.


PC Pandora is the best internet usage monitor that any parent and employers should have when they need a high quality software that will effectively monitor computer and online activities.  PC Pandora is an ideal Parental Control Software and Remote PC Surveillance Software.


With the use of PC Pandora, every parent is given the chance to monitor every little thing that makes their children get hooked on spending their time on their computer.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The PC monitor software received 10 reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

With the use of the PC Pandora, parents and employers will have the best monitoring software for their child’s and employee's computer. It will also make it possible for them to make the online community safe for the young and innocent minds of their kids. While employers have now an excellent way to increase productivity by reducing if not eliminating cyberslack and PC Pandora is also a great tool to protect the company assets and intellectual properties.

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eBlaster Review

7:56 PM

Kids nowadays are really into the use of internet. Unfortunately, parents are not always there to monitor their kids’ online activity. A computer monitoring software or keylogger like eBlaster will allow parents to keep their child away from websites that are known to be child sensitive.

Who Can Use This Product?

Parents who are concerned with what their children are doing online are recommended to have the eBlaster software discreetly installed in the computer without the kids knowing about it.

Employers or Executives who wants to monitor what their employees or subordinates are doing during office hours especially what they are surfing online. Did you know that statistics shows that employees average more than 45 minutes EVERY DAY doing personal surfing from work?  Employers may also choose to monitor their employees using eBlaster surveillance software to prevent theft of intellectual property.

Product Description

eBlaster is one of the most effective surveillance software that parents or managers can use to monitor their children’s or employee's computer activities. The software is designed to be used with ease and allow parents or employers to take control of their children’s and employee's online activity especially the types of websites that they are visiting. eBlaster is so easy to use and operate that you can download and install it 5 minutes!
eBlaster, a SpectorSoft product, records all activity on a computer on which it has been installed. It then sends these records via email to an address that is specified at installation. It is used by parents and employers to monitor computer activity. SpectorSoft produces a remote install version of eBlaster that enables you to send a configured installation file via ermail for installation on a remote computer. The recipient then clicks the attached file to install eBlaster on his computer.

How Does eBlaster Work?

eBlaster keylogger is really simple to use. After installation, this powerful spy software sends you right away detailed reports of all Internet and PC activity directly to your email address. You can also  login to your dedicated control panel to see activities in real time just like watching a movie. Click image below to see screenshot of the control panel.

Product Features

email tracking
Email Tracking (Both sent and received)
See all incoming and outgoing emails. eBlaster remote keylogger reports who sent it, who received it, the subject of the email, and the time and date the email was sent or received and much more. eBLASTER even records web-based mail services such as Google Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail and more.
Web Sites Visited
Web Sites Visited

 Review the name and address of EVERY web site they visit. Find out how much time they spend at those sites and how frequently they visit. Know if they are spending all day on Facebook or MySpace, playing games online, shopping during work hours and more.

See a web site in your report that they shouldn't be visiting? Just click "BLOCK" to prevent them from ever accessing that web site again. The next time they try to visit that web site it won't open or display in ANY web browser on the PC.

Chats and Instant Messages
See a transcript of their chat conversations and instant messages. Know who said what to whom and when.

Are your children or employees chatting inappropriately? With eBLASTER, you can prevent chat and instant messaging with any individual you deem objectionable by selecting their chat ID and clicking "BLOCK"!
Online Searches
Online Searches
See what they have been searching for on the Internet, and how often they search for these topics. Activity Reports cover Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and many other search web sites.
Keystrokes Typed
Read EVERYTHING they type on the computer, whether part of a chat conversation, an instant message, an email, a Word document, or even a password.
Social Networks
Facebook + Social Networks
See when they update their profile, post pictures, make comments about other Facebook users, send messages to other users, invite someone to be a friend, accept an invitation from a new friend, and much more. Find out if they have multiple Facebook accounts and just how much time they spend on Facebook and social networking sites.
Files Uploaded

Files Uploaded/Downloaded
eBLASTER reveals the files they uploaded or downloaded via the Internet. See if they are posting pictures of themselves on Facebook or videos to YouTube. Find out if they download illegal software, pornographic pictures and video, music files, and more.

Program Activity
Program Activity
eBLASTER provides you a comprehensive overview of ALL applications used on your home or office PC, including web browsers, games, office software and more. See when and how long the program was used. Find out if they actually used the program or if it just sat opened and idle all day.
User Activity
User Activity
eBLASTER reveals the files they uploaded or downloaded via the Internet. See if they are posting pictures of themselves on Facebook or videos to YouTube. Find out if they download illegal software, pornographic pictures and video, music files, and more.


eBlaster is compatible both with Windows and Mac OS.


The eBlaster is manufactured to be used as a PC monitor for children’s or employee's activities online. This is not only ideal for parents who want to assure the safety of their kids while using the internet but also for adults who need to know the activities of their partners online.

See Their Online Activity
eBLASTER recordings are organized into an easy-to-read Activity Report that is automatically sent to any email address you choose... as often as you like. eBLASTER Activity Reports can be sent to another computer in your home, your office email address or any web-based email service like Google Gmail, Yahoo mail and others.

Be Notified Real-Time
See inappropriate messages from strangers to your children or between employees as they occur! eBLASTER Instant Notification keeps you "in-the-know" by automatically sending you an exact copy of their emails, chats and instant messages as they occur.

Detect Danger
eBLASTER will scan your recordings for sensitive words or phrases and send you an immediate Keyword Alert via email if danger is detected.

Block the Bad Guys
Now that you KNOW which web sites they are visiting, the people they are chatting with and what they are chatting about... how do you handle the bad guys? With eBLASTER it's easy... just click BLOCK! eBLASTER allows you to quickly block access to web sites you determine to be inappropriate and people you don't want them chatting with.


With the use of the software, parents will have a reliable and up-to-date internet usage monitor that can help them identify the different online searches and activities that their family members are doing as well as the websites that they are visiting.

Customer Reviews and Scores

eBlaster garnered a total of 13 reviews, which gave it a total average of 3.85 out of 5 stars.


With the use of eBlaster, individuals can monitor everything that their children or other family members and employees are doing when they are online. Users also have the right to block online stuff to provide safety and security for the whole family.

eBlaster is a product of a reputable company SpectorSoft who has been in the business for more than 10 years. They also have the seal of TRUSTe for privacy certification so your data remains completely safe and confidential. Why not put this software to test? Download it now!

Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe Review

3:44 AM
Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe

The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe is a great piece of PC monitoring engineering. Like the original Stealth iBot, it's completely covert, running in the background of the operating system. The Deluxe model adds the ability to send you reports at predetermined intervals via email, so you never have to go back to the computer you're monitoring. You can even set up the Stealth iBot Deluxe to send you screenshots when selected words or phrases are typed.

This device is not Mac compatible, so be sure that the computer you need to monitor is running Windows. Though the software won't be detected and removed by antivirus applications, it can sometimes be disrupted. Firewalls and antivirus software may keep reports from being emailed. That's a rare occurrence, but if it happens, you can always retrieve your data by plugging the Stealth iBot Deluxe into the target computer and retrieving the data manually, which usually takes well under a minute.

Introducing the Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe, the next generation of computer monitoring software.
  • Now with Remote Management. 
  • No Physical Access Required Once Remote Software Has Installed. 
  • The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe logs every keystroke typed from chats, Instant Messages, search engines, emails and control fields exchanged with your child, teen, spouse or employee. 
  • The software will also capture screenshots that you can set to meet your own monitoring preferences, like keyword/keyphrase triggers, which will send alerts to your email every time the keylogging software detects a word you've selected to monitor. 

Complete Security Monitoring and Risk Management Solution for Your Windows-based Computer

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is the first remote computer monitoring software that provides you with the utmost reliability. After intensive product testing and receiving incredible consumer feedback, the Stealth iBot is now available to everyone. Brickhouse is always searching for ways to make our electronics work better for you. 

The Old v. The New 

The new and improved Stealth iBot Deluxe packs even more features than its highly popular predecessor, the Stealth iBot. This revolutionary remote computer monitoring software lets you receive data such as recorded keystrokes chat correspondences and web URL histories via email, but that's not all... This remote computer monitoring software makes it easy for you to manage your home or business PC.

What does it do?

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is a quick and easy solution to to any concerns you may have regarding your privacy. The remote software records every keystroke typed alerting you of suspicious activities. The Stealth iBot Deluxe lets you find out if someone has cracked your password. It also helps you confirm if someone is spying on your emails/chats or is going through secure web URLs that may contain your credit card information or other sensitive personal information. The Stealth iBot Deluxe also captures screenshots giving you a window view to computer screens at preset intervals.

Perhaps you're wondering how much of your time this comprehensive remote computer monitoring software will take to install and navigate. Brickhouse Security realized that your time is valuable, so they are always on the lookout for the latest technologies minus the unnecessary hassle of complicated installations and confusing technical jargon.

Stealth iBot Deluxe Installation Instructions:
  1. Insert the Stealth iBot Deluxe unit into the target computer
  2. Go to 'My Computer'
  3. Open the 'SC_DELUXE' drive
  4. Click on 'Deluxe.exe' and follow instructions
  5. Click on 'Install Stealth iBot Deluxe'
  6. Page 1 of 26 and the software is now installed on the PC
  7. The software is now installed on the PC
  • Now press 'configure'
  • Go to 'email' to select the desired fields of monitoring
  Email Settings:
  •  Username: Enter username as your full email address
  • Password: Your chosen password
  • SMTP settings (outgoing server details): Gmail = smtp.gmail.com / Yahoo = smtp.yahoo.com
  • Press 'Test SMTP settings' to test the settings are correct
Once you have installed the Stealth iBot Deluxe computer monitoring software, you will get gathered data remotely sent to your email account so you won't even have to physically be at the PC you are monitoring to gather its data usage history. 
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