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BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick Review

10:58 PM
The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is one of the most powerful iPhone monitoring tool on the market today.
    - The Ultimate iPhone Monitoring Solution
    - Read Deleted Text Messages & Chat Histories
    - View Contacts, Searches & More
    - Now compatible with iOS 6.0.1.

There's No Better Tool for Recovering iPhone Data

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The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is the ultimate monitoring tool for anyone who wants to capture deleted data or monitor iPhones of any model up to the iPhone 5 using iOS 6.0.1 and lower.

The powerful iPhone Spy makes it easy to read deleted text messages, contacts, call and web histories, calendar appointments and more -- giving you a unique look into exactly what users have been searching for, who they've been talking to, and even where they've been. 

All you need is access to the iPhone for a few minutes and you can begin recovering and saving map searches, web searches, text messages and just about everything that happens on the Apple smartphone. This is the only tool you need to monitor your kids or employees, catch a cheating spouse or back up all your important iPhone data. 

  • Catch a Cheating Spouse
  • Monitor Your Kids' iPhone Text Messaging and Internet Use
  • Check on Employees Using Company-Issued iPhones
  • Restore Deleted Information

The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is Compatible with iPhones using iOS 6.0.1 and below.

    Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000 or Mac OSX 10.5-10.8
    Languages: Reads and displays ASCII characters

 Download information like:

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Appointments and Reminders
  • Notes
  • Internet Search and Web History
  • Map Searches
  • Phone Properties Such as Model, Serial Number, OS Version, and More

    Deleted data types that can be recovered:     

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Entries and Reminders
Speed of scan: Varies from 1-20 minutes (for best results, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed). Phones with more data stored may take longer to recover than others. If recovery process goes beyond 1 hour, you may want to try the recovery on a different computer.


The BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick displays data stored to an iPhone's memory. It pulls:
CURRENT SMS (text) history, contacts, call log, calendar, notes, internet data and map history.
DELETED SMS, contacts, call history, calendar entries, and notes IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN OVERWRITTEN.
Just like a computer, when the iPhone deletes data, that information isn't really deleted. The "roadsigns" pointing to a file are removed and the space that file is in is marked by the operating system as available for use. This means that new information can be stored on top of these files.
This recovery process goes through a device's memory and pulls data that has had it's "roadsigns" removed, but if new information has been stored in the same space as a deleted file, it will not be recoverable. It's been overwritten.
When a device saves information, where it chooses to save to is random. It can save to memory that has never been used, or to used data available for overwriting. As an example, when it was run on a phone during testing, it pulled up deleted information over a year old, but not information that had been deleted the week previous.
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PeekTab Review

11:43 PM

PeekTab is the first remote keylogger tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad models and iPad Mini models and any tablets running the Android OS. PeekTab is truly a cutting-edge technology that allows you to monitor your tablet in real time.  Now you can learn the truth about what your child or employee does on the iPad or Android tablet with PeekTab tablet monitoring software. After purchasing, the hidden monitoring software is installed on the tablet that you need to monitor. 

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are they being naughty? You deserve to know the truth! PeekTab silently records activities such as GPS locations, web history, emails, text messages, photos and more. You can then remotely view the logs by simply accessing your account from any computer, tablet, or smartphone web browser.

All monitoring data are sent via the internet to your online viewing account that you can access anywhere from any electronic devices that is connected to the internet. You'll be amazed by how simple it is to learn about how your child or employee uses the tablet with this monitoring software.

Now that tablets are being used more than ever, PeekTab is on the forefront by introducing the first of its kind tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad and tablets running the Android based OS. With PeekTab you can monitor your child or employee's tablet activities in real time from any location.

With a robust set of features and easy-to-navigate control panel, PeekTab is an invaluable modern day tool for parents and employers. PeekTab helps parents monitor tablets to protect their children, and helps employers to protect their companies.
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Uses and Benefits of PeekTab Remote Keylogger

PeekTab Product Box
Parents: Want to monitor your child's iPad or Android based tablet? With PeekTab monitoring software you can check on their internet history and photos, find out where your child is with the tablet GPS tracking feature, see what apps they use, and check his or her email inbox/outbox to be sure that they are being safe.

Employers: Want to monitor your employee's tablet? Get PeekTab monitoring software now and start finding out the truth about how your employees use their company issued iPads and Android base tablets.

You will be able to view employees' tablet internet and email history, see what contacts they have stored, and view all photos and videos on the tablet you are monitoring. The GPS tracking feature lets you know where your employees are at any given time.

PeekTab monitoring software has all the features you need to keep your child or employee's tablet usage in check. Finally, a software that is easy to use and capable of handling your tablet monitoring needs.

PeekTab Product Features Overview

Web History

peetab ipad web historyPeekTab remote keylogger is the perfect tool to find out what websites your child or employee is viewing online. Once the software is installed onto the tablet, it records all website URLs visited and sends the data to the online control panel. When you log in from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the internet, the URL log displays the web addresses that were visited, along with the date and time that the tablet user visited the sites. Now you can know the truth about their internet usage on the tablet.

GPS Locations

peektab gps
Need to verify the exact location of your child or employee's tablet? With PeekTab's GPS Locations feature, you will be able to track the location of the tablet at any given time. The GPS log displays the time, latitude/longitude, and a link to a street map that helps you pinpoint the tablet's exact location at that time. This is perfect for companies that need to keep track of their employees' tablets. And parents love it too because they have a way of verifying the location of their child. With the ability to customize the time interval in which the locations are captured, you will have an accurate overview of where your child or employee went during the day. And if the tablet ever gets lost, you can use the GPS location feature to find it.

Contact Info

peektab contact info
Want to know who your child is contacting with their tablet? Need to keep tabs on your employee's contact list? PeekTab allows you to do just that. This feature records all contacts on the tablet when they are saved. Even if the tablet user deletes the contact later, it will not matter because the tablet monitoring software already recorded it and sent the info to your online control panel that you can access with any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet. Have peace of mind knowing the truth about who your child or employee is contacting with their tablet.


peektab photosWant to know what photos are on your monitored tablet? Is your child downloading inappropriate images? Is your employee wasting time on the company tablet with personal photos? Now you can know the truth about what photos are on your child or employee's tablet with PeekTab's Photo Log feature. It records every photo taken or downloaded on the tablet and displays the photo log in your online control panel. The photo log shows the time, image name, and a link to download the photo to your remote location.


peektab calendar
Need to know what your child is planning on their tablet calendar? Are they planning to go to a party that you told them not to? Do you want to know what meetings your employees have scheduled on their tablet calendars? With PeekTab you can monitor their tablet calendars and keep track of their scheduled events. The data is sent to you online control panel and displays the time/date, event and any notes pertaining to the scheduled event. Stay connected with your child or employee's activities with PeekTab.

Apps Installed

peektab installed apps
With the total count for iOS and Android tablet apps now more than 1 million, some of them may be inappropriate for your child, and employees have many options available for wasting time at work. Now you can keep track of their app usage with PeekTab's Tablet App Monitoring feature. You will learn the truth about what apps they have downloaded and installed onto the tablet. With PeekTab Tablet Monitoring Software you will be able to keep their tablet app usage under control.

More Great Features HERE.

Tablet Requirements

Apple iPad (3G or Wi-Fi) models and iPad Mini (3G or Wi-Fi) models & tablets running the Android OS.
NOTE: All Apple iPad models & iPad Mini models MUST be jailbroken in order to install PeekTab. This is an easy free process and is reversible.

Where to Buy?

PeekTab is not available at the app stores and can only be downloaded at Retina-X website at http://www.retinax.com

How Much?
PeekTab is affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's ONLY $69.97 (1-year License).

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mSpy Review - Keylogger for Android, iPhone & Blackberry

mSpy Product Box
mSpy is a stealth keylogger and cell phone spy software that silently monitors and logs any iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian OS based cell phones and tablets. It is a mobile application that provides you with advance monitoring and data collection features for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.  Once installed on the target phone, you will have access and can monitor from any web the phone's text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, web history, photos, videos, Skype, WhatsApp and even record actual phone calls.

What's amazing about mSpy mobile spy is that it acts like a spy keylogger that discretely and stealthily logs and records all phone data even after it has been deleted from the phone. It also provides a real-time GPS tracking of the device's location with live route data displayed on a map.

How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy is very simple and easy to use. After installing the mobile keylogger spy software on the phone you wish to monitor, you can access all of mSpy's features and all recorded data remotely from any computer or smartphone web browser. You never need physical access to the phone again. Simply log in to your account's online Control Panel. From there you can adjust settings, download any data collected from the mSpy-enabled mobile device, and display real-time device location and travel route history right on the map.

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Why Would I use mSpy? 

In today's always-connected digital age, mobile technology is a ubiquitous part of our lives. In addition to all the new benefits of this technology, it also means more concerns. mSpy empowers you to keep up with an increasingly complicated world. Some of the most popular uses for mSpy are monitoring employees for misuse of company-provided mobile phones, keeping an eye on your children's communications to ensure their safety and security, and maintaining the fidelity of your relationships with an easy, sure-fire way to find out if your spouse or partner is engaged in unfaithful affairs.

What Mobile Devices Can I Use with mSpy? 

mSpy will run on any phone or mobile device running the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Symbian operating systems on most mobile phones Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Google, LG, MEIZU, Acer, Philips. Please note that you only need to install mSpy on the phone you wish to monitor. You can access your mSpy Control Panel from any device with a web browser. Check the list of supported models.

Major Features of mSpy


mSpy Call Logging
Call Logs
mSpy allows you to receive a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Instantly see:
  • The time of the call
  • Its duration
  • The number of calls made
  • The device number or a contact's name (provided it is saved in the device's address book)
  • All logs are sent wirelessly to your Control Panel in real time.
Call Recording
mSpy allows you to remotely record calls made from or received by your target device.

Incoming Calls Restriction
mSpy allows you to restrict incoming calls from any predefined number on the target device.


mSpy SMS Logging
Read and Retrieve SMS Even When Deleted
 mSpy allows you to view any SMS sent from or received by the target device. You can instantly see:
  • The text of the SMS
  • Whether the SMS was incoming or outgoing
  • Sender/Recipient of the SMS
  • The date and the time of SMS
  • View and manage all SMS conversations from your Control Panel.
Read and Retrieve Emails from Any Web Browser, Any Time from Anywhere

Incoming / Outgoing Emails
mSpy allows you to have a complete email history from the target device at your fingertips.

External Email Services
It doesn't matter which email service is being used by your target. mSpy allows you to securely track them all.


mSpy GPS Tracking
Current GPS Location
mSpy allows you to easily and non-intrusively monitor the location of your children, employees or cheating spouse.

Sometimes you need reassurance that your kids or your staff are where they are supposed to be. Keeping tabs on your child's whereabouts can be one of the ways to protect him from harm and danger. For business owners mSpy offers a great solution to track whether your employees are attending meetings outside of the office or utilizing this time for personal use.


mSpy Browser History
Browsing History
mSpy allows you to monitor and create the record of all Internet activities taking place in the target device's browser.

Website Bookmarks
mSpy allows you to see any website bookmarked in the target device's web browser.

Blocking Websites
mSpy allows you to block access to websites that may contain harmful content or contradict your corporate policy.
  • Filter online content
  • Block undesired or dangerous websites
  • Set up time when access to certain 


mSpy IM Logging
mSpy allows you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, like Skype. You can instantly see:
  • Track Skype calls
  • Read Skype chats
  • Access the information directly from your Control Panel.
mSpy allows you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, like WhatsApp
  • Track all WhatsApp chats
  • Access the information directly from your control panel.


mSpy Record Surrounding
There are many instances when you may get suspicious of harmful or unwanted behavior at home or work, but need proof to be able to confront the situation in a constructive way. Monitoring text messages and checking call logs won’t always give you the rock-solid evidence you need. By using the mSpy bugging feature you’ll get a clear picture of what’s going on.

mSpy allows you to turn the target device into a bugging tool.
  • Bug any type of the environment
  • Set up recording time
  • Manage the bugging and access the recording via your Control Panel
How Much is mSpy?
  • Basic - 1 Month - $39.99 | 3 Months - $59.99
  • Premium - 1 Month - $69.99 | 3 Months - $119.99
  • Business - 6 Months - $499.95 | 3 Months - $799.95 (minimum order is 5 subscriptions)
**To see comparative chart of the above subscription plans, Click Here.

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SniperSpy Review

1:03 AM
SniperSpy is remotely-deployable monitoring software. It is a type of computer program that tracks and records the activities of children or employees who uses your remote PC. The software can be installed using the Internet by sending an email attachment which contains a module.

When the module is ran by your child or employee, the software silently installs onto your remote PC. It records an array of Internet activities which you'll be able to view in real time. It also allows you to view the full screen and perform control commands.

When you want to view the screen or browse the logged results, simply login to the Secure Online Control Panel and enter your username and password. This panel allows you to view the screen, perform commands, search the logs or uninstall the software.

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what happens on your remote PC while you are away. Deployment is not normally a problem because the small (81kb) module file can be renamed to anything you want and dropped inside a Word, Wordpad, Works or Zip file and sent through many regular email services. This makes the remote installation very easy and stealth. SniperSpy completely bypasses any firewall, even the Windows XP, Vista and 7 firewalls!

After the module is executed on your remote machine, the software will silently install itself. It will then begin recording a wide range of Internet and PC activities. These activities are uploaded to your private control panel. You can login anytime from any location to view results without needing to visit to the unreachable PC. The activities recorded are each described below. All activities include a date/time stamp.

Unlike any other remote monitoring software, SniperSpy's control panel uses a https connection for secure viewing. It also gives you the power to view graphical representations of data captured and a jpg picture of the screen however often you wish. The screenshot is shrunk to fit your screen, or you can zoom in at full size to read the text. Store up to 100 of these screenshots inside your account. More storage options are available for a small fee.

SniperSpy stands above the rest by offering an intuitive LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen before, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE surveillance and control on your remote PC from anywhere. You can view the remote screen like a television and perform other commands instantly. These commands use our server as an intermediary. You send the command to our server which instantly relays it to your remote computer.

What does this mean for you? This means you do not need to directly connect to the remote computer to perform commands or view the screen. It also means the commands will work on any PC with SniperSpy installed. After your module is deployed you can connect to the LIVE Control Panel to perform over a dozen of these LIVE commands.

But what makes SniperSpy stand out from the rest? The main answer is the ability to view logs in real time from any web browser. You can use any computer web browser or even your smartphone's web browser.. Another thing that sets us apart is the live screen viewer. This revolutionary technology allows you to silently watch the remote computer's screen in real time! No other title makes this possible. Our remote monitoring software also gives you the ability to record screenshots however often you wish and perform live commands.

Additionally, SniperSpy completely bypasses any standalone firewall. A firewall alerts the user when an unexpected upload occurs. Many competing titles are detected instantly upon installation due to the firewall alert in Windows 7 or Vista. But SniperSpy uses very advanced methods so that firewalls do not notice the upload. SniperSpy is remotely deployable to Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Retina-X Studios also released the version 7.5 of SniperSpy. The remote keylogger software now offers website filtering, application filtering, time restrictions, Facebook monitoring, and more. You can read more about this news release HERE.

SniperSpy also includes many other useful features that are right on target. This covert software can be installed, reconfigured AND uninstalled remotely. It also displays remote system information, which allows you to keep an eye on your remote PC's health.

After this SniperSpy review, I invite you to put the software to the test today. Their servers are secured by Thawte and scanned daily by ScanAlert to ensure that your data remains completely safe and confidential. So what are you waiting for?

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