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ipad keylogger
iPad Keylogger is an essential software that can help you monitor all activities of your loved ones, kids and employees to keep updated on all things they do. This keylogger for Android review will help you determine why you should consider purchasing this software. The iPad Keylogger is suitable with Android gadgets, iPads and iPad Mini and it can monitor without a trace.

Who Could Benefit from iPad Keylogger?

If you doubt that your partner or your boyfriend is cheating on you, iPad keylogger is the ideal way to monitor them without a trace. If you want to ensure the safety of your kids or if they going to school, you will know what your kids are doing through this software. 

iPad Keylogger Description

Tablet keylogger or iPad keylogger is the first spying and monitoring software made for iPads, tablets as well as Android. This application allows the user to track their iPhone, iPod, iPad and other Android gadgets in real time.  The iPad monitoring software has been made for all tracking needs on phone devices. This software comes with a smart installer pack that can detect the Smartphone and Android device automatically and its operating version. This assists the user to utilize single software for all devices which include iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. This iPad keylogger works on various models of iPad. 
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iPad Keylogger Features

Read Emails
All emails are delivered to the iPad Keylogger’s website account, but the user can remove them. Once the email address is stored in the phone book, the name will also be accessible. This software supports various languages
Location Monitoring
For devices that include GPS feature, the iPad Keylogger utilizes the integrated GPS placing to give you an idea about the device coordinates. It is also possible to organize the setting for true time updates as well as to show a way of travel in a specific time frame. 

Website History
Verify what sites are being browsed by the target iPad or phone. The website addresses and URLs visited utilizing the phone browser can be detected and seen on the website account. 

Read Facebook and Skype Chat
Read Facebook and Skype Chat in both side even if deleted. iPad Keylogger has the capability to capture chat logs from both Facebook and the Facebook Messenger application. Unlike other tablet keylogger, iPad Keylogger captures both site conversation and it support all languages -- Arabic, Chiness, Hebrew, Korean, and all other non-latin character will be show perfectly same as English on your web account. 

Address Book
Once there is a contact name entry in your phone book for email ads, phone calls or SMS, iPad Keylogger will recover this information with every communication it conveys to the web account. The call also gets a complete address book along with the names, emails, phone numbers and other data in the address book. 

See Photo Taken
iPad Keylogger has the ability to upload all photos taken on the target device to your secure web account. You just need to login to your web account and see all photes on target phone immediately. As soon as target user take a picture our software upload a copy of the photo to your web account secretly, so even if target user delete it on the device you can see it on your web account.

Money Back Guarantee
For purchasers who are not pleased or contented with the product, the company offers a ten days money back warranty. They can cancel their membership for whichever basis. 

Customer Review and Score

Those who already used this software are amazed with the benefits and advantages that this product offers. When it comes to monitoring the activity of your kids or loved ones, iPad keylogger is the best option. This can be utilized without a trace and most of all, this can be installed right away and stress free. 


If you want an effective, reliable and reasonable tracking device, iPad keylogger is worth giving a try. You will be amazed with the uses and benefits that this software can provide. 

How Much is iPad Keylogger?

iPad Keylogger is very affordable and is worth every penny you spent. The 3 months plan is just $89, the 6 month plan is $149 and the annual plan is just $198. So what you're waiting for? 

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