How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords Using Keyloggers

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Just about every day, there are thousands of people who hack Facebook account of other users. You probably have been wondering how these people were able to do this and how it is made possible. Basically, this is due to the chief loop home within their security systems. Facebook has been recognized as the most extensively utilized social networking website of today worldwide. It also has its own flaws in security, which gives hackers the chance to compromise accounts that easily. This article aims to provide you with information on how to use keylogger to hack Facebook accounts to help parents, spouses and employers monitor social media activities remotely.

You might wonder why there are many people who choose to hack a Facebook account. The answer to this is yet so simple. There are many different reasons as to why a person will hack Facebook account of another person. When it comes to parents, who care a lot for their kids, they might wish to view what their children are performing online so as to check out on them. A girlfriend or boyfriend may wish to discover what their partner is going through when they are not around. A wife or husband would like to monitor whether his/her partner is being faithful to him/her.

These days, the world of online social media has hugely become one of the latest things for most people of any age. Most Facebook users are sharing their darkest and deepest secrets, hobbies, interests, dislikes and likes with their friends. And this can also be the same reason why there are many people who wish to hack Facebook account, which is to get an access to the account of other users so as to know just about every single thing about them. There are many individuals who are considered as expert Facebook password hacker, so you may want to consider looking for them if you also wish to know how to hack a Facebook password. 

How to Hack Facebook Account

In today’s world, there are a lot of professional hackers who offer different services to hack Facebook account. However, most of these professional hackers usually charge anywhere between $100 and $10,000 only for one account. Yet, do people really pay as much as that amount just to hack someone’s account? Indeed, they do. For instance, if you are working on a business and you wish to view what your competitor is doing or perhaps you wish to get ahead of them, such amount of money should never be a big deal. In similar way, many people have many different reasons to hack Facebook account.

But then, why will you bother spending such large amount, if you only have a better option with the available software helping you hack Facebook account. Some of the best remote keylogging software that you can use to hack Facebook account passwords are enumerated below.

Best Facebook Password Cracker and Hacker Software


This is remotely deployable monitoring software you can actually use to hack a Facebook account. This kind of computer program records all the activities of your kids or employees who use your remote computer. SniperSpy could be installed through the internet by sending an e-mail attachment containing a module. The module file is just 81KB which can be renamed to anything you want and dropped inside a Word, Wordpad, Works or Zip file. Once the module is run by your employee or child, it will silently install into your remote computer. The software is 100% stealth and undetectable. It records a selection of internet activities which you will be able to view instantly such as websites visited, bookmarks, chat transcript, MySpace logs and all Facebook activities including log in details. Hence, it gives you the ability to hack Facebook password. If you wish to display the screen or browse through the logged results, you only need to log in to its Secure Online Control Panel and then key in your password after the username.

To know more about this powerful software, you can read my full review of SniperSpy or visit their website at http://www.retinax.com.

007 Spy Software 

This is a very powerful monitoring software that enables you to record all activities on a computer secretly, which include email received and sent, visited websites, passwords and keystrokes of all programs or websites, such Twitter, Webmail, Outlook, MySpace, AOL and of course, Facebook. It also helps you record file activities including move, cope and delete, online instant message conversations, such as AOL, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, gTalk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, and a lot more. Using this software, you will also be able to take snapshots on screen at your set intervals comparable to surveillance camera that is directly pointed at the computer. Some of the most interesting features of 007 Spy Software includes the password protection, remote log viewer, monitoring schedule, suspending on idle and a lot more. 

If you need to see more features of this software, read my 007 Spy Software review or visit them at  http://www.e-spy-software.com.

SpyTech SpyAgent

This SpyTech SpyAgent software helps in monitoring user’s computer activities. This application is surveillance and monitoring commercial program for a computer. The application can record different computer activities including programs used, websites visited and opened Windows. The program can also take IRC (Internet Relay Chat) messages. The application may also record confidential information, such as passwords and usernames. Such program can also take screenshots periodically of the monitor. This is performed to take entered data within websites, which have created the way to verify identification without having to use your keyboards. The SpyTech SpyAgent application can send all the gathered information to an e-mail address only accessible to its remote user. Such remote user will then have to view the gathered information in a TXT file format.

For more information, read my review here or check their website at http://www.spytech-web.com/spyagent-stealth.shtml.

With the use of any of the above-mentioned Facebook password hacker keyloggers, you will be given the ability to hack Facebook account effectively without having to spend a lot of money. However, be reminded that you can only hack computers that you own, so use responsibly.

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