PerfectGuard Review: Real-Time AntiLogger

This PerfectGuard review intends to give you helpful guide especially for those who are unfamiliar with anti logger software as well as the valuable role taken by this software to your security. Perfect Guard  is a real-time antilogger software that protects you against Internet threats like unknown "zero day" malware. Perfect Guard antilogger is reliable software that utilizes real-time analysis in consistently monitoring your personal computer for any suspicious activity. This anti logger software provides ultimate protection to your computer against any internet threats like keyloggers, spyware, malware and phishing siftware. 

Some antivirus software cannot do the amazing performance of PerfectGuard. No wonder, every PerfectGuard antilogger review reflects the positive feedback of individuals reading the uses and benefits of this real-time antilogger software. Raxco Perfect Guard is a famous name in the antilogger software community. The software is highly capable of blocking keyloggers, unauthorized screen captures, SSL loggers, clipboard thieves, webcam hijackers and more.

Features of Raxco PerfectGuard Real-Time AntiLogger Software


This module aids in preventing keystroke thieves to record anything that is typed in the keyboard including passwords, personal information and more. The Raxco perfect guard also includes SSL protection with a 128-bit encryption securing the data during financial transactions and shopping online.


Anti-keyloggers is bypassed by screenloggers by snapping image on the screen to be able to record what keyloggers cannot record.


This enables webcam hijackers to record anything that is seen or captured by your webcam.


This obstructs clipboard thieves to record anything that you copy, paste and cut including credit card details, passwords and personal information and more.

System Defense

This system guarantees that you are secured from malware that threatens your physical memory and registry.

Why Use PerfectGuard?

When individuals get the chance to refer or read every PerfectGuard review, they will notice that many satisfied customers gave positive rating of Raxco Perfect Guard. Aside from focusing on the features and performance of Raxco Perfect Guard antilogger, individuals also gave thumbs-up on the ease of use and benefits of this software.

PerfectGuard keeps all the activities of your computer protected. The software protects your PC from any suspicious online threats. This safeguards the transmission of private information to make sure that your privacy and security are not compromised. The Raxco PerfectGuard detects malware attempts and a specific system of the software will process it and stop it completely. 

PerfectGuard gives you peace of mind. With this real-time antilogger and anti-malware software, your privacy and personal and financial information are safe and protected. There are lots of vulnerabilities user may encounter when they start to operate their computers or go online. Remote keyloggers can actually hack your passwords or steal important documents and financial information. Keylogger software and malwares can actually bypass your firewall and antivirus leaving you susceptible and defenseless to identity theft and worst is leaving you bankrupt.

Good thing is that PerfectGuard real-time antilogger software is now available to provide superior protection against online threats and thieves.

Where to Buy?

You can buy PerfectGuard at http://www.raxco.com/home/perfectguard.aspx

How Much?

PerfectGuard is very affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's only $29.99 for a single user and $49.99 for 3 users.

If you're still not convince about this software, Raxco provides a 15-day Free Trial.

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