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zemana antilogger
Spywares, malwares and keyloggers have been the common problems encountered in various computer systems. Fortunately, there are now scanners that can be conveniently and easily used to detect and remove this kind of threats. Zemana Antilogger is the number one privacy protection software and the most advance anti-keylogger software that can protect not only your system, files and folders but your identity as well.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Zemana anti-keylogger is suitable for individuals who are searching for an anti-keylogger software that can protect multiple programs installed in their computer. This is also introduced for people who wanted to protect themselves from ID theft.

What Is Zemana Antilogger?

Zemana AntiLogger is a lightweight app that keeps track of who is doing what on your computer. Instead of identifying malware based on its signature fingerprint, like all malware products with scan functionality, the AntiLogger catches malware at the moment it attacks your computer. It will then prompt you if an illegal program is trying to record your keystrokes, capture your screen, gain access to your clipboard, microphone and webcam, or inject itself into your computer’s sensitive areas.

The AntiLogger features our unique SSL Intrusion Protection technology that guards you against advanced forms of Financial Malware. The AntiLogger is one of the very few products on the market today able to detect these dangerous and complex threats.

Zemana AntiLogger is not designed to replace your installed antivirus software -- it's made to detect serious threats that are outside of their scope. It adds an extra layer of essential protection to whatever anti-malware or anti-virus software you're currently using.

Why Would You Need Zemana AntiLogger?

The AntiLogger is your reliable line of defense against: 
  • The 60.000+ new pieces of malware that hit the internet every day
  • Dangerous financial malware and spyware designed specifically to bypass or remain undetected by traditional security products
  • Niche and custom-built malicious programs designed to steal or identity or invade your privacy
The AntiLogger closes dangerous security loopholes present in signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware products. It is much more reliable and adds a number of essential functions when compared to encryption-based anti keylogger products.

Product Features

Here are the quick rundown of Zemana and you can read further below for more detailed features.
  • Protects the user from ID theft
  • Protects from information that steal spyware and malware
  • Sophisticated financial malware such as SpyEye and Zeu
  • Small, light, and efficient
  • Cloud-powered Autopilot mode
  • With advanced encryption technology for free
Financial Malware Protection

The vast majority of banking and financial transactions take place on SSL‐protected secure sites whose URLs begin with https. SSL data encryption reliably secures your data during online shopping and financial transactions, but hackers have found a vulnerable spot.

Sophisticated banker trojans and SSL sniffers are designed to steal your data directly from your PC, while you are entering it and before it gets encrypted, for transfer over the internet. This is an attack method used by the infamous ZeuS. The AntiLogger is one of the the very few products on the market that is able to close this dangerous vulnerability by intercepting and shutting down suspicious processes. You can read more about financial malware on CNN.

Cloud Powered Early Response System

Zemana’s IntelliGuard is a smart early warning and response system that makes the AntiLogger easier to use and more reliable than ever before. Through IntelliGuard, your AntiLogger references in real time the latest community intelligence base of threats; and threats detected on your computer are scanned against over 40 malicious files databases and known bad files are blocked automatically. With IntelliGuard you will not receive prompts about legitimate programs you are installing on your computer.

Keystroke Logging Protection

Keystroke monitoring malware is the most common method of criminals to steal your login credentials. It is also very efficient if someone wishes to spy on you.

Zemana AntiLogger will prompt you when someone or something is trying to obtain access to your keyboard, regardless as to whether it is a known or new piece of spyware, banker trojan, financial malware or custom designed spy tool.

Screen Capture Protection

Screen input through virtual keyboards or image recognition is increasingly used as an extra security measure. Yet, if you have screen grabbing malware on your computer, the criminals will be able to see what is shown on your screen and where you point and click with the mouse. As part of the AntiLogger’s all‐round protection, your clipboard is safe from intruders.

Clipboard Remote Access Protection

How often do you copy and paste sensitive material? We all know we shouldn’t, yet most of us do it. When you copy something, it remains stored in your computer’s clipboard, where it can be made away with. As part of the AntiLogger’s all‐round protection, your clipboard is safe from intruders.

Webcam and Microphone Hijacking Protection

Yes, it is possible that your webcam and microphone can be turned on remotely, and if a pro is doing this, the status LED on your webcam will remain off. Your webcam can be turned into a surveillance camera; and while the hackers won’t be able to drain your bank account or hijack your email, this is very intrusive and unpleasant. What if this were your child’s computer?

Zemana AntiLogger constantly monitors all processes accessing your computer and will prompt you when an illegal application is trying to switch it on.

System Intrusion Protection

Malware relies on invading your system’s sensitive areas, like its registry and physical memory (RAM), so it can inject its malicious code and seize control of your PC.

The AntiLogger’s System Defense module secures the very heart of your PC in a future‐proof way: it detects malicious attempts based purely upon their behavior, regardless of whether or not the malware attacking you has been identified, isolated, analyzed and your signature database updated.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Since it is packed with special features and benefits, the users are satisfied with the performance and efficiency of the software. With our consumer survey results, Zemana Antilogger gained 4.78 out of 5 scoring scale. It is for this reason that the software is highly recommended for your computer overall protection.


Zemana Antilogger is a powerful software designed to be an element in your protection arsenal. With the sophistication, breadth and depth of internet threats today, there is no single product that is able to protect you against everything. The AntiLogger guards you against information theft malware.

We recommend using the AntiLogger in tandem with good anti-virus and firewall software to ensure all-round protection of your PC.

Your peace of mind is priceless. Buy Zemana Antilogger now!

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