Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe Review

Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe

The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe is a great piece of PC monitoring engineering. Like the original Stealth iBot, it's completely covert, running in the background of the operating system. The Deluxe model adds the ability to send you reports at predetermined intervals via email, so you never have to go back to the computer you're monitoring. You can even set up the Stealth iBot Deluxe to send you screenshots when selected words or phrases are typed.

This device is not Mac compatible, so be sure that the computer you need to monitor is running Windows. Though the software won't be detected and removed by antivirus applications, it can sometimes be disrupted. Firewalls and antivirus software may keep reports from being emailed. That's a rare occurrence, but if it happens, you can always retrieve your data by plugging the Stealth iBot Deluxe into the target computer and retrieving the data manually, which usually takes well under a minute.

Introducing the Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe, the next generation of computer monitoring software.
  • Now with Remote Management. 
  • No Physical Access Required Once Remote Software Has Installed. 
  • The Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe logs every keystroke typed from chats, Instant Messages, search engines, emails and control fields exchanged with your child, teen, spouse or employee. 
  • The software will also capture screenshots that you can set to meet your own monitoring preferences, like keyword/keyphrase triggers, which will send alerts to your email every time the keylogging software detects a word you've selected to monitor. 

Complete Security Monitoring and Risk Management Solution for Your Windows-based Computer

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is the first remote computer monitoring software that provides you with the utmost reliability. After intensive product testing and receiving incredible consumer feedback, the Stealth iBot is now available to everyone. Brickhouse is always searching for ways to make our electronics work better for you. 

The Old v. The New 

The new and improved Stealth iBot Deluxe packs even more features than its highly popular predecessor, the Stealth iBot. This revolutionary remote computer monitoring software lets you receive data such as recorded keystrokes chat correspondences and web URL histories via email, but that's not all... This remote computer monitoring software makes it easy for you to manage your home or business PC.

What does it do?

The Stealth iBot Deluxe is a quick and easy solution to to any concerns you may have regarding your privacy. The remote software records every keystroke typed alerting you of suspicious activities. The Stealth iBot Deluxe lets you find out if someone has cracked your password. It also helps you confirm if someone is spying on your emails/chats or is going through secure web URLs that may contain your credit card information or other sensitive personal information. The Stealth iBot Deluxe also captures screenshots giving you a window view to computer screens at preset intervals.

Perhaps you're wondering how much of your time this comprehensive remote computer monitoring software will take to install and navigate. Brickhouse Security realized that your time is valuable, so they are always on the lookout for the latest technologies minus the unnecessary hassle of complicated installations and confusing technical jargon.

Stealth iBot Deluxe Installation Instructions:
  1. Insert the Stealth iBot Deluxe unit into the target computer
  2. Go to 'My Computer'
  3. Open the 'SC_DELUXE' drive
  4. Click on 'Deluxe.exe' and follow instructions
  5. Click on 'Install Stealth iBot Deluxe'
  6. Page 1 of 26 and the software is now installed on the PC
  7. The software is now installed on the PC
  • Now press 'configure'
  • Go to 'email' to select the desired fields of monitoring
  Email Settings:
  •  Username: Enter username as your full email address
  • Password: Your chosen password
  • SMTP settings (outgoing server details): Gmail = smtp.gmail.com / Yahoo = smtp.yahoo.com
  • Press 'Test SMTP settings' to test the settings are correct
Once you have installed the Stealth iBot Deluxe computer monitoring software, you will get gathered data remotely sent to your email account so you won't even have to physically be at the PC you are monitoring to gather its data usage history. 

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