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In terms of computer technology, people are facing problem regarding undetectable keylogging programs that may affect the entire system. This problem can be aided by software that scans and detects all these programs well. SpyReveal is the world's number one Anti-keylogger and the best scanner that have the capability to get rid of these common computer problems.

Who Should Buy This Product?

SpyReveal anti-keylogger software is for users suspecting that their computer system is compromised by a keylogger or spyware. When the keylogger is detected and quarantined, SpyReveal custom eradication and one-on-one guidance tools are given though an email. Users can then follow the steps provided to search and remove for the detected keylogging software immediately to protect their computer.
Product Description

SpyReveal is a scanner used for keylogger detection. It has no resident module for the real time scanner. It is designed for detecting commercial monitoring spy programs. Its function is quite different from other security suits detecting virus.

SpyReveal was an industry first, and remains the world's most recommended anti-keylogger. This experience has allowed them to accumulate an enormous head start over the competition in collecting and detecting spy programs, and today, SpyReveal is capable of finding and removing hundreds of commercial keyloggers. 

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Numerous investigative reporters and journalists have written articles about SpyReveal, always highly recommending the software -- thanks for the features, power, and reliability SpyReveal provides. SpyReveal is designed to do one thing extremely well, and that is to detect commercial keyloggers and  monitoring spy programs! With their experienced research and development staff, the company firmly focused on protecting you from surveillance software which constantly innovates and evolves.

Product Features
  • With main GUI that is not cluttered and is straightforward
  • Easy to use for both advanced and novice users.
  • Can perform complete system scan, single folder or file.
  • Can query the database signature; update the database instantly.
  • Find keyloggers that can record every stroke
  • Find screen recorders, chat loggers, email redirectors, and more
  • Disable or eradicate detected keyloggers
  • Save the results to a text file for future reference
  • Find out when a keylogger was installed
  • Prioritized and unlimited email customer service
  • One-click update for both the database and the program
  • Free database and program upgrades for life
  • Scan your system with the largest commercial keylogger database on the planet

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While your children may not be aware of clicking links or downloading document attachment, the potential of getting your computers infected by keyloggers or spyware is very real. Keyloggers can be remotely installed using modules that can be in a form of link, common documents like Word, Notepad  or fake emails. This scan for keylogger software is mainly used for detecting the undetectable keylogger programs running on your computers. 


Spyreveal provides you the protection and security to cyber-theft. When a remote keylogger has been installed in your computer without your knowledge, it will record and retrieve all your computer activities like password typed, bank details, photos, chat, social media activities, GPS locations and more. This presents a lot of danger for its great potential to steal your identity and bank details, hack your passwords, stalk your every where you go and use your photos or videos inappropriately. With SpyReveal installed, you can detect and remove keyloggers even the most undetectable ones.

Customer Reviews and Score

Most of the users are satisfied with the performance of the software. Almost all of them gave a score of 4 out of 5 stars. The overall result of this product review shows that this software is a great anti-keylogger choice for users.


When it comes to detecting keylogger in your computers, SpyReveal is the best choice of software for its efficiency and reliability. Many users have been using it for more than ten years and still counting.

So what are you waiting for? Protect your family of cyber-theft now!
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