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PeekTab is the first remote keylogger tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad models and iPad Mini models and any tablets running the Android OS. PeekTab is truly a cutting-edge technology that allows you to monitor your tablet in real time.  Now you can learn the truth about what your child or employee does on the iPad or Android tablet with PeekTab tablet monitoring software. After purchasing, the hidden monitoring software is installed on the tablet that you need to monitor. 

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are they being naughty? You deserve to know the truth! PeekTab silently records activities such as GPS locations, web history, emails, text messages, photos and more. You can then remotely view the logs by simply accessing your account from any computer, tablet, or smartphone web browser.

All monitoring data are sent via the internet to your online viewing account that you can access anywhere from any electronic devices that is connected to the internet. You'll be amazed by how simple it is to learn about how your child or employee uses the tablet with this monitoring software.

Now that tablets are being used more than ever, PeekTab is on the forefront by introducing the first of its kind tablet monitoring software for Apple iPad and tablets running the Android based OS. With PeekTab you can monitor your child or employee's tablet activities in real time from any location.

With a robust set of features and easy-to-navigate control panel, PeekTab is an invaluable modern day tool for parents and employers. PeekTab helps parents monitor tablets to protect their children, and helps employers to protect their companies.
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Uses and Benefits of PeekTab Remote Keylogger

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Parents: Want to monitor your child's iPad or Android based tablet? With PeekTab monitoring software you can check on their internet history and photos, find out where your child is with the tablet GPS tracking feature, see what apps they use, and check his or her email inbox/outbox to be sure that they are being safe.

Employers: Want to monitor your employee's tablet? Get PeekTab monitoring software now and start finding out the truth about how your employees use their company issued iPads and Android base tablets.

You will be able to view employees' tablet internet and email history, see what contacts they have stored, and view all photos and videos on the tablet you are monitoring. The GPS tracking feature lets you know where your employees are at any given time.

PeekTab monitoring software has all the features you need to keep your child or employee's tablet usage in check. Finally, a software that is easy to use and capable of handling your tablet monitoring needs.

PeekTab Product Features Overview

Web History

peetab ipad web historyPeekTab remote keylogger is the perfect tool to find out what websites your child or employee is viewing online. Once the software is installed onto the tablet, it records all website URLs visited and sends the data to the online control panel. When you log in from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the internet, the URL log displays the web addresses that were visited, along with the date and time that the tablet user visited the sites. Now you can know the truth about their internet usage on the tablet.

GPS Locations

peektab gps
Need to verify the exact location of your child or employee's tablet? With PeekTab's GPS Locations feature, you will be able to track the location of the tablet at any given time. The GPS log displays the time, latitude/longitude, and a link to a street map that helps you pinpoint the tablet's exact location at that time. This is perfect for companies that need to keep track of their employees' tablets. And parents love it too because they have a way of verifying the location of their child. With the ability to customize the time interval in which the locations are captured, you will have an accurate overview of where your child or employee went during the day. And if the tablet ever gets lost, you can use the GPS location feature to find it.

Contact Info

peektab contact info
Want to know who your child is contacting with their tablet? Need to keep tabs on your employee's contact list? PeekTab allows you to do just that. This feature records all contacts on the tablet when they are saved. Even if the tablet user deletes the contact later, it will not matter because the tablet monitoring software already recorded it and sent the info to your online control panel that you can access with any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet. Have peace of mind knowing the truth about who your child or employee is contacting with their tablet.


peektab photosWant to know what photos are on your monitored tablet? Is your child downloading inappropriate images? Is your employee wasting time on the company tablet with personal photos? Now you can know the truth about what photos are on your child or employee's tablet with PeekTab's Photo Log feature. It records every photo taken or downloaded on the tablet and displays the photo log in your online control panel. The photo log shows the time, image name, and a link to download the photo to your remote location.


peektab calendar
Need to know what your child is planning on their tablet calendar? Are they planning to go to a party that you told them not to? Do you want to know what meetings your employees have scheduled on their tablet calendars? With PeekTab you can monitor their tablet calendars and keep track of their scheduled events. The data is sent to you online control panel and displays the time/date, event and any notes pertaining to the scheduled event. Stay connected with your child or employee's activities with PeekTab.

Apps Installed

peektab installed apps
With the total count for iOS and Android tablet apps now more than 1 million, some of them may be inappropriate for your child, and employees have many options available for wasting time at work. Now you can keep track of their app usage with PeekTab's Tablet App Monitoring feature. You will learn the truth about what apps they have downloaded and installed onto the tablet. With PeekTab Tablet Monitoring Software you will be able to keep their tablet app usage under control.

More Great Features HERE.

Tablet Requirements

Apple iPad (3G or Wi-Fi) models and iPad Mini (3G or Wi-Fi) models & tablets running the Android OS.
NOTE: All Apple iPad models & iPad Mini models MUST be jailbroken in order to install PeekTab. This is an easy free process and is reversible.

Where to Buy?

PeekTab is not available at the app stores and can only be downloaded at Retina-X website at http://www.retinax.com

How Much?
PeekTab is affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's ONLY $69.97 (1-year License).

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