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ardamax keylogger
There is no way for you to monitor your computer at home or in the office every time. In fact, you may not even know who among your family members or co-workers use your PC when you are not around. Since you have confidential files in your computer, you won’t surely allow anyone to misuse them. To solve your issues, Ardamax Keylogger is your best choice.

Who Should Buy Ardamax Keylogger?

Ardamax Keylogger is perfect for all individuals who have a computer. Whether you are a student, businessman or ordinary homeowner, you can have this software anytime you want.  

Product Description

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that monitors the users’ daily online activity. It also saves all the activities to an encrypted log file. With the use of this tool, users can find out the activities that take place on their computer. It can also be used as a monitoring device for discovering unauthorized access. Every log is automatically sent to your email address, so you will always be notified. If you are not familiar with this software, you can start reading the Ardamax keylogger review online. 

Product Features

Ardamax Keylogger has several features which you shouldn’t have to miss such as:
  • This perfect keylogger sends to your email the recorded activity on your computer and offers FTP delivery
  • This also saves the record in order for you to get notified of the latest updates 
  • Record chats from both sides and can be used as a secret device tool
  • Small program with higher performance and offers more than 20 languages
  • It creates screen shoots and protects program security 
  • Serves as a family keylogger that helps in monitoring your child’s online activity


Ardamax Keylogger provides multiple advantages to users. It allows you to monitor all the activities on your computer. You can also use this in spying your children or spouse. With its perfect features, you will be able to experience the highest level of satisfaction. In case there is someone who desires to steal your documents, you can also easily trace them. These are the reasons why most people use Ardamax keylogger.


Unlike other types of software, Ardamax Keylogger is perfect for both office and home application. In fact, most computer shops and companies use this tool. Through this, they can monitor their employees and other users. 


You will surely love Ardamax keylogger because of its amazing benefits. With this remote keylogger, you can secure the confidential files in your PC.

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