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mSpy is a stealth keylogger and cell phone spy software that silently monitors and logs any iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian OS based cell phones and tablets. It is a mobile application that provides you with advance monitoring and data collection features for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.  Once installed on the target phone, you will have access and can monitor from any web the phone's text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, web history, photos, videos, Skype, WhatsApp and even record actual phone calls.

What's amazing about mSpy mobile spy is that it acts like a spy keylogger that discretely and stealthily logs and records all phone data even after it has been deleted from the phone. It also provides a real-time GPS tracking of the device's location with live route data displayed on a map.

How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy is very simple and easy to use. After installing the mobile keylogger spy software on the phone you wish to monitor, you can access all of mSpy's features and all recorded data remotely from any computer or smartphone web browser. You never need physical access to the phone again. Simply log in to your account's online Control Panel. From there you can adjust settings, download any data collected from the mSpy-enabled mobile device, and display real-time device location and travel route history right on the map.

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Why Would I use mSpy? 

In today's always-connected digital age, mobile technology is a ubiquitous part of our lives. In addition to all the new benefits of this technology, it also means more concerns. mSpy empowers you to keep up with an increasingly complicated world. Some of the most popular uses for mSpy are monitoring employees for misuse of company-provided mobile phones, keeping an eye on your children's communications to ensure their safety and security, and maintaining the fidelity of your relationships with an easy, sure-fire way to find out if your spouse or partner is engaged in unfaithful affairs.

What Mobile Devices Can I Use with mSpy? 

mSpy will run on any phone or mobile device running the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Symbian operating systems on most mobile phones Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Google, LG, MEIZU, Acer, Philips. Please note that you only need to install mSpy on the phone you wish to monitor. You can access your mSpy Control Panel from any device with a web browser. Check the list of supported models.

Major Features of mSpy


mSpy Call Logging
Call Logs
mSpy allows you to receive a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Instantly see:
  • The time of the call
  • Its duration
  • The number of calls made
  • The device number or a contact's name (provided it is saved in the device's address book)
  • All logs are sent wirelessly to your Control Panel in real time.
Call Recording
mSpy allows you to remotely record calls made from or received by your target device.

Incoming Calls Restriction
mSpy allows you to restrict incoming calls from any predefined number on the target device.


mSpy SMS Logging
Read and Retrieve SMS Even When Deleted
 mSpy allows you to view any SMS sent from or received by the target device. You can instantly see:
  • The text of the SMS
  • Whether the SMS was incoming or outgoing
  • Sender/Recipient of the SMS
  • The date and the time of SMS
  • View and manage all SMS conversations from your Control Panel.
Read and Retrieve Emails from Any Web Browser, Any Time from Anywhere

Incoming / Outgoing Emails
mSpy allows you to have a complete email history from the target device at your fingertips.

External Email Services
It doesn't matter which email service is being used by your target. mSpy allows you to securely track them all.


mSpy GPS Tracking
Current GPS Location
mSpy allows you to easily and non-intrusively monitor the location of your children, employees or cheating spouse.

Sometimes you need reassurance that your kids or your staff are where they are supposed to be. Keeping tabs on your child's whereabouts can be one of the ways to protect him from harm and danger. For business owners mSpy offers a great solution to track whether your employees are attending meetings outside of the office or utilizing this time for personal use.


mSpy Browser History
Browsing History
mSpy allows you to monitor and create the record of all Internet activities taking place in the target device's browser.

Website Bookmarks
mSpy allows you to see any website bookmarked in the target device's web browser.

Blocking Websites
mSpy allows you to block access to websites that may contain harmful content or contradict your corporate policy.
  • Filter online content
  • Block undesired or dangerous websites
  • Set up time when access to certain 


mSpy IM Logging
mSpy allows you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, like Skype. You can instantly see:
  • Track Skype calls
  • Read Skype chats
  • Access the information directly from your Control Panel.
mSpy allows you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, like WhatsApp
  • Track all WhatsApp chats
  • Access the information directly from your control panel.


mSpy Record Surrounding
There are many instances when you may get suspicious of harmful or unwanted behavior at home or work, but need proof to be able to confront the situation in a constructive way. Monitoring text messages and checking call logs won’t always give you the rock-solid evidence you need. By using the mSpy bugging feature you’ll get a clear picture of what’s going on.

mSpy allows you to turn the target device into a bugging tool.
  • Bug any type of the environment
  • Set up recording time
  • Manage the bugging and access the recording via your Control Panel
How Much is mSpy?
  • Basic - 1 Month - $39.99 | 3 Months - $59.99
  • Premium - 1 Month - $69.99 | 3 Months - $119.99
  • Business - 6 Months - $499.95 | 3 Months - $799.95 (minimum order is 5 subscriptions)
**To see comparative chart of the above subscription plans, Click Here.

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