Android Spying Tool: Does Your Child Deserve It?

If you are reading this article, then you may already be familiar with the Android spying tool. But if you aren’t, let me give you a brief explanation.

The Android spying tool is a software program that is installed on an Android-based phone. This software then sends information about the phone to a website, which the buyer of the software can access from any computer with Internet. Once installed, the Android spying tool is undetectable and only the person that installed it knows about it.

The information that you can get is quite relevant. For example, you can find where the phone is on Google Maps or another similar service. You can also see who the person using the phone has been in contact with by getting access to a log that shows the numbers that have called the phone as well as the numbers the phone has called. As if it were not enough, you can also read any text message that was sent or received, even after the text message has been deleted or erased.

Since using the Android spying tool on someone else’s phone is illegal, one of the most important uses of Android spying tool is to supervise your children. However, does your child deserve that you supervise him or her with this software?

The answer is not easy. It depends on the values of the parents, their definition of privacy, and the behavior of the child in question.

What is privacy? And more importantly, is it a given right or does it have to be earned? Those two questions have to be answered by the parents before getting the software, as privacy is highly subjective. For example, while we all agree that children and teens have the right to some degree of privacy, the limits of it are not the same for everyone. While a teen has the right to change clothes with a locked door, a child that still hasn’t learned to dress himself does not.

Is privacy related to cost? Some parents believe that children have no right to privacy when using a phone since the parents are the ones that are paying for it. In this case, privacy is earned when the child is able to pay for his phone or at least for his phone credit.

Lastly, good and bad behavior affects the degree of privacy that a child enjoys. A kid that has good grades has the right to a higher degree of privacy than one that gets into fights constantly.

You’ll have to decide whether using the Android spying tool to supervise your child is the best thing or not, depending on how you feel about it.

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